Echoes of the Weekend 9-28-09

September 28, 2009 at 2:37 pm (Guild Relationships, Tanks)

Tanking is an Art Form
I suppose it could have been worse – we could have been in a Level 80 dungeon. Over the weekend, some of us were doing a little rep grind while helping gain achievements in Outland, and most importantly: practice tactics we need for raids. Yes, we’re 80’s – yes, we’re overgeared (well, we did have one 70 in the group, loaded with epics). However, we were missing on common ingredient – a tank. 2 hunters, 1 mage, 1 priest and we were willing to go. Well, add one druid specced and geared for boomkin/tree, who decided to go as a tank. With minimal tanking gear. And, a serious lack of understanding in the cocept of “biting off more than one can chew.” Making matters worse was his constant overriding of plans being made amongst the dps for crowd control, prefering instead to run behind the corner. Yeah, we all know that trick – but how about this twist. Hunter 1 & 2 drop frost traps, and the mage will sheep on the pull – and the hunters can misdirect the remaining caster to you – around the corner. Then once we down one, we can shoot another free of the trap and tuck him in as well – the idea being is that we only have 1 target at a time to deal with. Am I wrong in thinking that this is what we were looking to work on, so that was the plan – and the tank’s “better ideas” didn’t have a place.
Thankfully, he left and I jumped over to my DK and tanked the other instance – while the dps practiced what they needed to. Sometiems, having the touch of skill in communications and diplomacy allows you to achieve your team goal, and your personal goal too.


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Don’t Gank Me Bro! (or else)

September 25, 2009 at 5:14 pm (PvP) (, , )

Sometimes, folks can go out of their way to be a pain in the posterior.  For example, last night I was flying through WG, searching out eternals, when I noticed several Alliance members fishing near the flight point.  While this was not unusual (Alliance controlled WG), the BElf Mage fishing next to them was.  I also notice a little red dot headed towards one of the fishing alliance characters.  As I dropped down, I noticed it was an Orc Warrior, who was in the process of ganking a fishing Alliance.

 Now, before the whining starts, yes I’m aware that WG is a PvP zone.  Yes, I’m aware that ganking a member of the opposite faction with his back turned and a fishing pole in hand is perfectly legitimate.  But my sensibilities were riled up – after all, the Alliance did control WG, and this wasn’t the Horde’s “fishing area.”  So, it was also perfectly fine for me to drop off my mount and proceed to blast the warrior temporarily into the great beyond while he as busy with the formerly fishing Pally.

 What came next was even more interesting – the Belf cheered me.  I threw a /wave, and hopped back on my mount.  As I was rising into the air, a guildie who had witnessed the event whispered, “I think the mage is the bait.”  So, I hung around for a while, and no warrior.  Then, a little experiment took hold, and I rose above sight distance (but not beyond my detect distance.  Sure enough, a minute later, the warrior strode back into view, intending on doing in the same Pally again.  The little Mage was serving as his forward observer.  Well, he saw me coming this time, and as I dropped into the water (no mount, no problem), I dropped a freeze trap and backed off.  Suddenly, that charge didn’t work as well, and the Pally had time to arm up.  The fight went even less his way this time, and I let loose with a large laugh.  Then, to bring home my point, I /shoo’ed the mage, and placed a HM over the top.  Rather than suffer the same fate as her partner, she flew away.

 I felt so ticked off I went and killed a Horde Warlock twice who was attempting to compete her quest killing Alliance quest-givers in the keep.

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Hello world!

September 24, 2009 at 5:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Welcome to LittleBlueDog.  I’m not connected to nor nearly as good as BRK.  But, consider this a blog for all things Hunter, as well as the occasional dip into Guild Officership, raiding, etc.   More to come in the very near future!


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