I Feel My Blood Presure Risin…

October 6, 2009 at 3:29 pm (Tanks) ()

Well, I finally managed to level my Death Knight to 80 over the weekend. So. After a quick respect to Frost (something I swore I’d never do), and getting some quick armor upgrades courtesy of our blacksmith, I took off with 2 guildies and a pick-up rogue & mage for Halls of Stone – for my first “real” tanking experience. Now, a note to those who accuse me of easy-sauce – for some strange reason, I hate HoS. To date, my hunter has never competed it, and we took along 2 who had never been in the instance as well.

Well, everything went swimmingly, even the Maiden (who has served as the bane of every group I’ve gone in with). At least, until I was trying to tank multiple mobs on the steps. For all of the vaunted AoE tanking abilities of the Death Knight class, I find that Frost is weakest in that area. I had much better agro generation in Unholy it seems, but it just may be my as yet poor tanking skill and being at the bottom end of the learning curve. My blood pressure was soaring watching them run off, driving me insane trying to stop them from attacking my favorite dwarf. Making matters worse is that the mage disconnected, throwing us into a 4 man right as the battle started. We ended up calling in another DK, and I think a single attacker made it past us, to be downed by the dps.

But hey, I’ve got new shoulder pads! Thanks to Gus, Tor, and Dragon for making it pleasant.

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