RL Rants

October 21, 2009 at 6:21 pm (Real Life)

To those 3 of you who read my blog, perhaps one of you didn’t realize that last week I was in Jamaica. My trip started after a full day at work (3am wake-up), no nap, and a departure time at 12:50 am. Yes, 10 minutes after midnight after spending the previous 20 hours in last-minute, you can’t leave before you do this crap.
Since I’m on the road about 50 weeks a year, I’ve managed to earn quite a few airline miles – and I had decided to spend them on an upgrade into first class for the trip down. My plan was to have a stiff drink, catch my flight, have another stiff drink, and sleep to Houston. Then, after 4 hours on the ground, catch my flight to Montego Bay and sleep most of the way there. Unfortunately, what I didn’t count on was someone bringing their 3 year old, and infant, into first class, with said 3 year old right behind me. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with children up front, who are old enough to behave – but expecting a 3 year old boy not to kick the seat in front of him for 3 straight hours was apparently a bit too much. (Yes, I was 3 once, and would have done the same, but my parents never flew me, much less up front.) I arrived at my vacation looking somewhat less respectable then my passport photo.
A great vacation ensued, with me getting the real life achievement [Falling Down] from cliff diving. Yes, it’s stupid, but I only needed to do it once, and I can crow about it for the rest of my life.
Then some idiot brought their dog into the front cabin on my way back. I’m allergic to dogs. Oh, the joys of travel.

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