The *New and Improved* Misdirect

October 28, 2009 at 10:38 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

The last I heard, changes to one of my favorite abilities, Misdirect, may drive some hunters crazy. Misdirect will no longer be limited to 3 shots, but rather 4 seconds. Furthermore, all aggro creating abilities will be misdirected – meaning TRAPS. That’s right, we can freeze trap that stupid caster to the tank around the corner. Not only will there be a delay, but the aggro transferred to all the mage’s mob friends will head towards the tank as well. What exactly this means will be both good and bad.

The obvious good is stated above, trap aggro will allow you to use that trap on the mob right behind you, and send him back towards the tank. Or the mob you’ve found yourself in a tender hand-to-hand moment with while Feign Death is on cooldown, might just be sent scurrying away with a well timed raptor strike from Marrowstrike. Gain the respect (or at least momentary gratitude) of your healer when you combine a distracting shot and a good crit followed by kiting the onrushing trash back to the tank, with a well placed snake trap helping that taunt along.

All of this means that Misdirect has the possibility of being another “Oh Crap” button, even more useful than Feign Death. In fact, this will probably change the two in my order, making FD more an aggro management tool than ever before.

The downside? Well, we can no longer hit the MT with misdirect as he began charging, knowing that 30 seconds was plenty of time to get 3 shots off. More than ever, FD used at the start of a fight will have to be a part of a macro, to help the tank gain aggro.

/cast Hunter’s Mark
/cast Misdirect
/cast Serpent Sting

MM Hunters, follow that up immediately with a Chimera Shot, Rapid Fire, pop Readiness, and you’re well on your way. You’ve put an initial load of hurt on the mob while earning the gratitude of the tank; and in 30 seconds you can “Save the Healer, Save the Raid” if someone’s calling out for a Hero.

*EDIT – Apparently I was wrong, the 4 second timer doesn’t begin until your first aggro inducing activity, so no downside (althought the macro still applies).

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