Self Financing alts

November 4, 2009 at 11:47 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Part of the pleasure of rolling an alt is that you often don’t worry about gold. There’s enough to finance your riding and mounts; and buy all those troublesome mats at the AH for power-leveling professions. Alts generally make up for the constant worrying about having enough cash for your next flightpath you experienced the first time through. In fact, being an alt is pretty much like going through your 20’s as a kept man/woman – show up on time, do your “quests” and get a health reward from your patron.

Well, I’ve decided that my alts must finance their own epic flying. Not to be mean, but since I’m something of a mount whore on my main, it has dug deeply into my cash reserves. Besides, they’re going to get all their reps finished up in the Argent Tourney anyway, so they can earn their fast flyer cash there. And, if my guild ever decides to do some raiding, it won’t demolish the piggy bank on my main. In fact, my DK is currently doing this, and it does get somewhat embarrassing when grouping for the “Threat & Commander” quests – I just tell them that “I have a cheap main.”

But, I also see this as something that ought to extend to guilds as well. I have no problem working a short term loan to get a member in good standing epic flying – it benefits the guild (perhaps even more so in Cataclysm.) However, your alts are on their own. You’ve got access to a pretty good cash flow in, so please don’t ask the guild for cash for your alt’s flying mount – even if you’re intending to repay (which you should anyway).

Any thoughts from the 3 people that read this?


  1. rustbeard said,

    I have helped guildies out – in fact, I’m often too generous – particularly when farming for gear-related materials to make someone “raid worthy” (more emblems than anything now, but I still don’t mind.) However, the outright transfer of cash is something I’ll decided to do on my own, and I don’t react well to those who as for it.

    And you’ve got the right ethic Arioch, if they’re not working towards the goal themselves, I’m not going to do it for them.

  2. Torval said,

    Agreed to the not helping those that don’t help themselves. It’s been my experience that those that ask for money are often those that don’t participate in events. Despite wiping and repair bills, cash comes in when you run stuff. Depending on how the dice roll and drops, I can. Net 50 from your average run and potentially get gear to boot. I am now up to 4 max level and only Ex doesn’t have epic, but I’ll be farming to take care of that soon.

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