Echoes of the Weekend 11-10-09

November 10, 2009 at 10:15 pm (Raiding) (, )

Why is it that the people who complain the most about running raids don’t show up when they’re scheduled? After months of crying, cajoling, coddling, and coaxing, I managed to get folks signed up for a Naxx-10. First raid for many, so I expected some trepidation. What I didn’t expect was for none of the tanks to show. The DPS DK who had connection problems – I can understand and work around. But not to have tanks? Well, we managed to PuG a pair, but when they’re not on vent it can be a bit frustrating.

Even so, Anub’Rekhan fell on the second try. Considering the tank had failed to kite the big ugly around on the first swarm, it wasn’t surprising to fail. But, the second time in, we responded like a well oiled machine. What dropped? Tank gear of course, and a Agonal Sash that had just been bettered by our Mage in H-ToC. There was an improvement for the OT, so at least we figured that they would be satisfied (more so since a pair of Minion Bracers had dropped in the trash clearing.)

The Grand Widow promised to be more a challenge, and she was. The first attempt was going rather well, and I was taking down the acolytes in the overall plan. … at least until the 3rd engrage. That’s right, I screwed up and killed the little minion about 2 seconds too early. I had even laid off auto shot, not thinking for a moment as I loosed my last bit of gunfire that I was using a chimera shot which would renew the serpent sting almost worn off. And unfortunately, I managed to crit, and turned around to loose a couple of shots on the female herself – just in time to miss the untimely death of the acolyte. Now, the OT wasn’t on vent, and didn’t type anything… I just saw the enrage start, and turned around to find a lifeless body laying on the ground, and hearing some colorful language from the healing crowd, who was watching the tank get torn to pieces. OK, chalk this one up to idiot Rusty.

One of our healers asked if we were up for [Momma Said Knock You Out]. He felt it might actually be easier to down her without worrying about the acolytes, and having the OT switch with the tank (and the extra DPS I would provide on GW the whole time). Given that there were 3 achievement hoes in the group, I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass us by, besides, we couldn’t do worse. In fact, we did much better, wiping at about 9% – inappropriate use of cool-downs on the tanks was the reason I believe. We were getting set, and I was preparing to re-discuss tanking strategy quickly when the Tank and OT decided that they were out of time. Hearth and pop – we’re 1 boss down in Naxx without tanks. Teach me to trust a PuG.

It could have been worse, but given the over-geared nature of several of our members, I wish it had gone better. Much better had we our own tank (yes, our Druid has a tanking set, but he’s a better healer than tank – and that’s saying something). So, in case you were wondering, yes: Heaven’s Avengers is recruiting tanks. Contact me at for more information. We have a not quite as pimped out as other guild’s tabard, a guild bank often used as a dumping ground for miscellaneous crap, and are barely into the concept of raiding. However, we are a good group for mature adults (18+ please), we’re understanding of real-life issues (even if the raid leader grouses about them), and we love having fun, laughing, and enjoying the game. Because in the end, it is just a game.

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  1. Torval said,

    I still think the achievement is easier on the grand widow. This might stem back to the “no tanks on vent” issue, but smarter use of cooldowns and we’d have been in business. Communication is key. Imagine the waste of a shield wall popped at the same time as a priest’ pain suppression. Ugh, ugly.

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