Ding 50, Welcome to the Mental Ward

December 1, 2009 at 3:45 pm (QQ)

Well, it finally happened.  I managed to get my holy priest (Shepard Book) to 50.  So, I’m smack dab in the middle-age blues – that woeful period between 45-58, when leveling is a pain, and “the Crater” becomes a pit from hell.  Perhaps it’s me, but that blasted zone gives me stress backaches, endless head banging, and threatens to break my wrist banging it on the table.

What’s wrong with the zone?  I’m sure it’s all been laid out before, but who in their right mind put the camp at the southern end, the entry at the northern end, and the middle so full of heavy hitting crap that the upper level 40’s who get sent to the zone are doomed to die repeatedly?  If you don’t know to hug the west wall on the way, and bypass the apes (despite the quest you can get while trying to find the freakin soil), you’re hosed.  Oh, and watch out for that overgrown T-Rex who aggros from half the zone away.  Then, once you are able to kill some of the critters, what do you have to do – a series of quests that sends you further and further to the north in the zone, grinding out the same monsters you killed before (now, worth less xp) just to get to the critters you’re supposed to be killing.  I hope the damn thing floods during Cataclysm, so the last thing that overgrown lizzard sees is me, using an elixar of water walking, laughing my *ss off.

And, it’s not like you’ve got a lot of options until you hit 53-54 or so.  Fellwood?  Let’s grind some furry owls!  The only real other option is Blasted Lands, but the layout for Alliance isn’t real good there either.  About the only difference is the existance of roads, which reduces slightly the number of wandering beasties you encounter.

Thoughts, suggestions?  PvP is an option, for the truely insane Holy Priest.

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