Waitin’ on a Server

December 8, 2009 at 12:21 pm (Uncategorized)

In honor of patch day, I present the following:

(To the tune of Brad Paisley’s Waiting On a Woman

Sitting at my desk, and I cant see Thrall,
His icon wore blue overalls,
He asked me, “You Waitin’ on a Server?”

I said “Yeah, how about you?”
He said, “Man, since 4:52, I’ve been
“Waitin’ on a Server.”

“When I logged on Tuesday late,
“A note told me they’d be up at 8.
“It went down again, at 8:30.”

“They said ‘We’re sorry that it took so long,
“’But the power never came back on.’
Let me tell you, Northrend was empty.”

“Yes they take their time,
“That’s not too kind,
“Waitin’ on a Server.”

“The expansion took a year to plan,
“You talk about anxious man,
“My guild was worthless.”

Waitin’ on a Server.

And then he laughed at me, like old dwarves do,
Said, “I’ll say this about the raiding dude,
“Epics are worth it.”

Waitin’ on a Server.

“And I don’t guess I’ve been anywhere,
“The lag wasn’t huge I swear.
“Sometimes I think they do it just to screw with it.”

“Boy it’s just a fact of mine,
“It’s not like it was in Half-Life,
“You might as well go on and get used to it.”

They’ll take their time,
You’re out of your mind,
Waitin’ on a Server.

“I’ve read somewhere statistics show,
“Whirlwind’s always the first to go.
“That makes sense ‘cause maintenance is never-ending.”

“So when it finally comes my time,
“And I port to the other side,
“I’ll find myself ganked in Silvermoon City.”

This is a crime,
‘Cause I can’t grind,
Waitin’ on a Server.

Devs, move your behind,
Or I’ll go blind,
Waitin’ on a Server.

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