The Joy of NOT Being In Charge

December 18, 2009 at 12:00 pm (Guild Relationships, Raiding)

Before I give the meat of this post, a shout out to Amber over at I Like Bubbles for her Friday Flowchart. It sums up the Random Dungeon runs for hunters perfectly.

Since joining my new raiding guild on Undermine, I was finally in a position of not having to know everything about what everyone was doing. I finally have the DPS experience – pew pew the target assigned to you, don’t over aggro the tank. Even better, this guild holds no drama, no issues. If you need, roll on it. Although, what’s nice was seeing loot drop, and hearing players say “Give it to X, he needs it more.”

This week, we used the shiny new portal to take care of the last to bosses in Naxx, I had my first exposure to Uludar, and a surprise comment last night “Want to go farm rep in ICC?” Heck yes! So away we go, killing undead and trying not to aggro too much. I suppose we were all far too interested in looting to notice the approach of a 30’ skeleton. Following the sudden deaths of our main healer and tank (smacked from behind = no shield, no problem), I was running for my life. However, I forgot the first rule of being chased by a bear – you don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your soon to be former buddy. So, what I did was, drop a frost trap … when I should have cast misdirect THEN dropped the frost trap. With aggro firmly planted on me, much to the laughter of the guild, Rusty the “Tank Hunter” made a return, however briefly. The rest of the guild scampered to safety, that makes me a tank, sort of. So, WHERZ MY PHAT TANK LUTZ?

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  1. kyrilean said,

    ROFL! Thanks for making my Monday morning a little bit brighter! 🙂

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