Hunter Abilities, PuGs, and You

December 30, 2009 at 3:14 pm (5-Mans, Raiding)

The new LFD tool is a good thing – not as good for DPS as it is for tanks and healers, but good nonetheless. Fellow hunters, take note – not everyone understands our class (heck, many hunters don’t understand their abilities either). When we’re in our raid groups, or with our guildmates, we generally know what’s expected of us. Our tanks and healers also have expectations of how we will use our talents, gained through experience and discussion. However, it may seem redundant to mention, but when thrown into a pug, in particular cross-server pugs, others have different expectations and experiences.

In particular, this seems to hold true with Misdirect. I know of a couple of tanks that hold aggro wonderfully, never lose a mob, and manage to keep the healers from being smacked. However, to be more efficient, I throw misdirect on them at the onset, just as they’re pulling the mobs (it’s nice now to have 4 seconds instead of 3 shots); this generates aggro quickly and allows the other DPS to join in even quicker, so we clear content efficiently. I’ve also had experience with another tank, who is newer, and occasionally lets the stray mob get away from him. So, I save misdirect for those times when I need to get a mob off myself or the healers. Typically, I try to save my Distracting Shot, kite, Feign Death next to tank procedure for the “Oh Crap” moments.

The question is then, how does the pug tank know your plan; or, more importantly, is the tank comfortable with it. Well, ask before you leap off. I’m seriously considering assigning a macro to the following: “Would you prefer me to use misdirect at the start of a fight to help you gain instant aggro, or save it for such time that a mob or add breaks off? Don’t forget with misdirect I can pre-lay a frozen trap and still direct it’s aggro to you.” This usually gets the tank thinking about this briefly, and reminds him that I have CC abilities, should we need them, that will allow the mob to head to the tank once unfrozen. I know everyone wants to get moving right away, but a couple seconds of communication might well save heartache down the line, as well as inform or remind others of your abilities. While this might not seem useful when you’re in a group of over-geared players, those not so equipped will thank you for thinking ahead.



  1. Torval said,

    Good point. I never actually thought about the frost trap with misdirect. That’s a pretty dang good idea. CC with instant tank aggro. Of course, for the sake of us who do tank, please give me a sec or two 😛

  2. rustbeard said,

    The nice thing about the new misdirect is that I can place it, and it doesn’t start the 4 secound countdown until the first aggro generating ability. So, I cast misdirect, lay the trap (or freezing arrow), the tank pulls, and the critter is in an iceblock, and I can pew-pew for 3 secs on another target while sending you all the aggro. This gives the tank a higher threat right off the bat, keeping the healers safer longer, and letting the dps start earlier.

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