Rusty’s Problem

January 11, 2010 at 5:00 am (Achievements, Mounts, Vanity Pets)

My name is Rustbeard, and I’m a collect-a-holic.

Hi Rustbeard!

When I started down my huntering path some time ago, I discovered that many my pets could find a little furry companion that sort of looked like them.  And I thought, “Hey, even my pet should have a friend.”  So I found them.  I mean, even my long forgotten snow cat had a pal in the little kitty I took … ah, bought from Little Timmy.  But that was it.  I had it under control.

Then, right before I left for Northrend, I was back home in Ironforge to pick up some mail.  I noticed a nice letter saying that I no longer needed to keep my little kitty in a sack; someone would take and deliver it to me whenever I wanted.  I’d like to call this person Enabler #1.  I also received a note that I would no longer need to keep space for my personal ride, a magical valet would deliver it to me whenever I needed it.  Call the valet Enabler #2.

Next thing I know, I’m standing in front of a big board, and I see my name on some little gold plaques.  They say things like where I’ve been, and the dungeons I’ve finished.  There are even plaques showing that I’ve collected so many pets and mounts!  I thought, “Wow, people will remember me long after I’m a ghost running back to my body!”  And all was good.

Until, I noticed that some other people had more little gold plaques than me.  That’s when the demon took over.  /cry  I HAD to have more plaques.  After all, I couldn’t let the Litch King think I wasn’t serious, right?  And I also noticed that the more pets and mounts I had, the more little gold plaques I would get.  So, I started to get more.  And more.  It got to the point where I was even drinking less Kungaloosh.

No, not the Kungaloosh!

So, I stand before you today, a collect-a-holic.  I need it all.  And let me say this, I’m not going to quit.  No more meetings, I fully expect to have a whole wall dedicated to little gold plaques, tired ass valets, and I’m gonna need a new wing to the kennel.  I don’t have a problem.  The only bloody thing I want is a dresser for my tabards.  After all, they fold up much better than a dragon whelp.  It’s not like they’re the skyscraper shoulder pads I wear, or even the gas mask for a helmet.  Can someone please get these things out of my bag, pressed and folded, and stored neatly?!

Note: Rustbeard is a confirmed achievement ‘hoe.  This should serve as a way of explaining why he can often be found in Outlands by himself, farming rep to buy more mounts/pets/tabards.

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