ZOMG… We DID it???

January 12, 2010 at 7:19 am (Achievements, Raiding)

I hate to e-peen twice in one raid lockout period, but:

10 raid members.

9 attempts.

8 on DPS.

7 hearty rhinos consumed.

6 swear words spoken.

5 fish feasts given.

4 percent wipe.

3 drakes up.

2 raiders left alive.


 So, not only did Rusty earn CotFW this lockout period, but I’ve thrown that title off in favor of “of the Nightfall.”  This might well make up for the insane decision I made last night – but more on that tomorrow.



  1. repgrind said,

    Wow, nice. Congrats!

    I think I’ve wiped more trying 3D lately than I have in ICC … someday we’ll get him.

  2. Torval said,

    That was freaking exciting just listening on vent. Let’s not forget the two times just prior getting him to 25k and 67k respectively before wipes. That’s like watching a Heigan fight for a half hour only to have the three people remaining finally wipe. Oh wait, that DID happen this lockout too. 😛

    • rustbeard said,

      Don’t remind me. The Heigan fight was epic… and would have been more so had I noticed the bloody DoT – AGAIN.

      Fail Huntard.

      Although seriously, I think the damn dragon didn’t want to hear “We’ve got this” one more time.

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