Marrowgar – A Hunter’s Perspective

January 20, 2010 at 1:52 pm (Hunter Helper, Raiding)

Last night was difficult, my first “real” forray into ICC.  Tempers were flaring, the raid was wiping, and I made a point of logging off before I said something I couldn’t take back.  Enough people have written about the near requirement of raiders to keep quiet, and leave the critique to the raid leaders.  Read the following with this caveat in mind: I wasn’t on the schedule to hit ICC, so I didn’t have time to do the whole study issue – the following are my conclusions based on what I know of the encounter.

During the encounter, my group was instructed to put the melee DPS in the hit box, and the ranged to spread out in a semicircle.  The 2 hunters were designated to bring down the bone spikes.  It seems to me that this was our first mistake – however from a point of dodging the incoming flames, it may have seemed like the perfect solution.  This may also have been reinforced by the oh so many boss fights that require seperation between raid members – it almost seems to be our default position.  The problem with spreading out too much is that, when a bone spike occurs, the ranged assigned to downing the spike may be out of range, and will certainly require turning – both of which require movement.  Considering every second counts, particularly when the spike is either the MT/OT or their healer(s), having to move might not always be the best solution.  In response, I’d like to offer the following:
MT/OT/Melee DPS – in Hit Box
MT/OT Healer(s) – 25-30 yards back
Ranged DPS – 2 yards behind Healers, at minimum range from each other.
DPS Heals – 2-3 yards behind Ranged DPS

This arrangement allows the tanks and melee to remain fire-free.  The remainder are far back enough to strafe from the approaching fire – and everyone should communicate to strafte the same way.  By keeping the tanks, melee, and MT heals in front of the ranged DPS, no one should need to turn to hit bone spikes on any of these individuals.  In fact, the only person that should require turning around for is should the DPS healer be spiked.

Another thing to consider is that right after Marrowgar whirlwinds, he cannot be taunted.  However, I believe Misdirect still works, and should be popped at that time to make sure that the proper tank gets aggro quickly.

Thoughts, suggestions, improvements welcomed.


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