No Spirit Beast Please

January 25, 2010 at 5:00 am (Hunter Pets)

As a non-BM hunter, my hunter doesn’t have one of the super-large beasts that occasionally show up in raids and 5-man dungeons. Neither do I own a Spirit Beast, apparently the pet of choice for the many hunters who are willing to put in the long hours necessary to wait for one to spawn – and then tame it before an achievement hoe kills it. Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice to look at – but I’m not one to run with the crowd.

Ironjaw Instead, I have Ironjaw, the unique wolf found in Terokkar Forest. The top of the fur has a rust-stained appearance – no other wolf in the game has this skin. And yes, I kept the original name – when your hunter’s name is Rustbeard, Ironjaw fits perfectly. Not only is the wolf my raiding pet (for the AP buffing Howl) but he also serves as my “main” pet. Ironjaw is a worthy successor to the blue raptor that served me from the moment I hit Wetlands, and often tanked BC 5-mans for my old guild. Not to mention, he garners at least 2 comments a week from people wondering where I found him – most people blow so quickly through Outlands, they never see this wonderful wolf. I suppose I’d rather have something rather unique that is almost never seen, then camp for weeks to have the same pet that I’ll see in Dalaran on a regular basis, even if it looks “cool”.

 Now, Ironjaw doesn’t serve every purpose I need. For PvP, I drag out my croc (often with one of his “bucket buddy” vanity pets). Now, if I could only get him to auto-attack any rogue within 50 yards of me, I’d be all set.

So, hunters out there: What pet are you using, and why? Is there any special significance to it, or is it just for min/maxing?


  1. rustbeard said,

    I tend to agree about the “large pet” theory – it was perhaps one of the big mistakes that Blizzard made. I understand the need to have unique pets for the end-talents on the BM tree, but did we have to make them so big that they shake the ground? At least have your party be imune from it!

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