Marks, PvP, and Goodies

February 24, 2010 at 5:56 pm (Uncategorized)

The recent announcement of Patch 3.3.3 has sparked some rejoicing on the part of some, with the elimination of the Marks of Honor for each of the battlegrounds.  The idea at Blizzard apparently is to make everything for sale with honor points as currency, and eliminate the need to run specific battlegrounds numerous times to obtain certain items.  I’m going to take the opposite tack, and say that this isn’t a good idea, it doesn’t add much to the game, and may well eliminate some of the only reasons folks have for entering specific battlegrounds.

The original reason for the original battleground Marks of Honor, as I recall, was to increase reputation with the various factions, and allow the purchase of PvP gear, mounts, tabards, and potions/food specific to the particular battleground.  Now, it seems, most marks are simply used to purchase more honor.  However, to purchase honor, you have to produce marks from multiple battlefields – not just the ones that offer the most in honor/minute.  Frankly, this is the only reason that some folks run WSG is that the marks are needed to turn in for honor.

In the days of vanilla WoW, there were only 3 battlegrounds, and each faction had an associated faction for each battle.  These days are long behind us, the devs at Blizzard have decided that battleground factions were one thing too many.  Well, before achievements, this was the way for an overachieving individual to flaunt his pvpness.  By buying the best gear available from each faction, you had proved yourself by grinding all the way to Exalted with each faction.  However, if I remember my research correctly, reputation was gained through the turn-in of badges.  Now, it’s gained by the completion of the battleground’s objectives – in an attempt to guide people into actually attempting to win the BG, not just fight in the road/middle.  Sadly for Blizzard, what seemed like clear thinking failed to translate into action – now gaining reputation in WSG requires beating your head against a brick wall for hours on end, watching your “teammates” announce their intention to “grind honor” in midfield – leaving you on your own to assault the flag that the enemy is actually defending.  End up 0/3 and you gain 0 reputation.  Not even a “Thanks for being a speed bump on the Horde’s rush on our flag.”  Combine this with the fact that there is no way for Blizzard to accurately balance the amount of players in a given battlegroup who PvP (much less do this over multiple battlegrounds.)  As a result, almost no one (except us achievement collectors) ever bother to do much with these particular factions’ reputation.

Now, in the rush to make the game more accessible, and in order to remove “worthless” marks from our currency tab (I remember when you had to carry the marks around in a bag slot, uphill both ways), the marks are going away, with any faction goodies you want available simply for honor.  Of course, since the items haven’t really been updated, the only things folks are likely to be buying these days are tabards and mounts (which currently require 30 tokens each from WSG, AB, and AV for every mount.)  Really want that Warsong tabard?  Go grind out some Wintergrasp weekly quests, the orcs will hand you over a nice looking piece of cloth without even knowing your name.  So, who in their right mind is ever going to run WSG again?  The world of Cataclysm might have diminished resources, but I expect that Arathi Basin will be pretty quiet.  And frankly, I think Eye of the Storm will be able to be renamed Void of Participants.

If Blizzard is listening (pretty sure they’re not), here’s a suggestion.  Keep the marks.  Make them redeemable reputation again.  Add rep to the other battlegrounds.  And, when folks are exalted, allow them to use marks and arena points (which they’ll gain doing the daily LFBG) to buy the next tier of arena gear – at one piece type per battleground group.  Let WSG have helms (that ought to get folks back there), AB vendors sell chest pieces.  Have pieces scale for every 10 levels, for 20-70 using honor instead of arena points.  Heck, have a trinket seller available for 5 mins after a win only!  Otherwise, be prepared to have some great content never visited again.


  1. rustbeard said,

    Have you seen a blue post that stated that the deserter debuff will be held to the battlegrounds? I don’t know that it’s going to follow the same pattern as the random dungeons.

    I’d expect that you’d take a hit to your battleground rating when Cataclysm comes out as more likely than a debuff.

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