Phat Loot/Achievement Sunday

April 26, 2010 at 4:44 pm (5-Mans, Achievements, Raiding)

Oh, what a weekend.  I try to enter with some concrete goals, and so called “stretch goals” to dictate how much time I should be spending on my various alts.  Otherwise, I’m lost in the wilderness, simply trying to pick up anything and everything.  I suppose it’s just the scheduler in me; I feel the need to plan everything out.  Considering how things started off Friday night, I’m shocked and awed that I managed to meet any of my goals.

Friday night started off with the cancellation of the guild’s Ulduar raid.  Why raid Ulduar, you ask?  Our guild is ranked #118 on the server by wow-heroes, and we’re sitting at 2/23.  My remark to our GM was, “we’re over-geared, let’s pick some low hanging fruit.”  Besides, it is good for coordination, and some of us (cough, cough) still need trinkets.  Not to mention that I’d like to see the content, even if we don’t drop every achievement.

With time to kill on my hands, I continued working on SheppardBook – I was looking to hit level 63 on him over the weekend.  I would hit level 65 by late Sunday morning, thanks in large part to a friend and guildie, who took his 80 druid and ran me through both the Ramparts and Blood Furnace for loot, experience, and quests.  However, an incident on Sunday morning managed to re-affirm my belief that the LFD experience below 80 is filled with asshats trying to power level their alts.

A new level 64, I took a chance and did a random LFD.  I was immediately thrown into Mana Tombs – where I joined a group coming back from a wipe.  I looked around and noticed that there were 3 groups of mobs missing some of their contingent.  My suspicions were confirmed when the tank proceeded to chain aggro the same 3 groups – and then watch the DPS proceed to out TPS the tank who had difficulty keeping threat on that many mobs.  As a holy priest, I was better able to manage than most, but instead of waiting for me to grab back mana, the tank charged off again.  I threw a shield and sat down to drink, managing to arrive just in time to save his posterior, but watching the hunter die.  As I rezzed the hunter, I mentioned that he might want to keep an eye on his threat, to avoid pulling mobs.  The tank then had the audacity to lecture me on how to heal.  I suppose my response of “if you didn’t pull that many mobs at once, I suppose I could and still have mana,” went over too well.  After the next trash pull (I think another 3 groups), we wiped, and his remark of “why do we always draw morons for healers” sent me over the edge.  I replied, “Now you have no healer – may your repair bills always be massive” and left the group.

Blackrune (1) on Gorgonnash is a good necklace away from having a nice tanking set – I suspect he’ll be a full-time tank on ToC-10, since Rusty is now much better equipped (see below).  His DPS badge set will now require one less piece, a guild VoA-10 netted him both [Scourgelord Gauntlets] and [Furious Gladiator’s Dreadplate Legguards], jumpstarting both the DPS and PvP sets.  On Saturday evening, I was thinking that the weekend was looking well indeed, and perhaps boded well for our ICC run on Sunday.

The Sunday evening ICC run was surprisingly good.  We pugged an outstanding tank, and proceeded to one-shot the entire Frostwing Halls.  Since it was my first defeat of Deathbringer, I managed both to claim [Storming the Citadel] and the bonus of [I’ve Gone and Made a Mess].  But, what really made the run for me was the drops – I was given [Njorndar Bone Bow], and won both [Frost Giant’s Cleaver] and [Bone Warden Splinter] on off-spec rolls (I wouldn’t roll primary, even though both were, since I was given the bow).  ICC Armory, how may we help you?  So, now I’m a dual-wielding axe hunter (sweet) armed with a bow (WTF?).  We did wipe on Festergut, and the tank suddenly disconnected, not reconnecting.  We’ll try to pick up again tonight.

Well, with a half-hour left to go on raid time, we quickly ran over to Ulduar, where we proceeded to 9-man the first four bosses.  Nothing worthy of note dropped that anyone could use, but the achievements for Rustbeard were coming fast and furious – since I didn’t start raiding until after 3.2 dropped.  The grab bag consisted of [Siege of Ulduar], [Unbroken], [Shattered], [Nerf Gravity Bombs], [Must Deconstruct Faster], and [A Quick Shave].  8 achievements in one night – not bad for the little dwarf.  However, I must say that I miss the reassuring “Boom” of my gun.  The quiet little “pffffft” just doesn’t sound dwarflike enough.

Not a bad weekend at all, I must say. 

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