Long Strantge Weekend

May 4, 2010 at 3:39 am (5-Mans, Achievements, Holidays, Mounts)

Well, it’s official.  Rustbeard has his Violet Proto-Drake.  Despite the fact I was working a 70 hour week, including all day Sunday (a rarity), I managed to get the four PvP requirements for [Hard Knock Life] completed by the afternoon.  Sadly with all the work this weekend, that was pretty much all I accomplished.  The week looks full, however, with a my DK tanking 10 ToC, running Rusty through 10 ToGC  and 10 ICC.  With any luck, my feisty little dwarf will have his T10 chest-piece by the end of the week.  Despite the short post, I expect to have more rants and raves later this week, both game and guild related.


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