Another Reason to Shun Random Groups…

January 20, 2011 at 6:31 am (5-Mans)

As a hunter, I’ve received a number or requests while runing random 5-man groups: CC this, don’t CC, dismiss your pet, have your pet attack this, etc.  However, being told to respec is a new one for me.  I understand that MM isn’t the OP machine that survival is, but there is no reason to expect me to go back, spend cash and respec to what the tank thinks I should run, and expect me to run it as well as I do MM.  I have to admit, this one took me back – in retrospect, I should have asked for cash to respec (twice), and if he had ponied up, I should have come back and done miniscule DPS – survival isn’t my main spec (I have off-speced it now, but more for playing around with to learn than anything else.)  When I refused, the tank made it clear he wasn’t going anywhere until 15 minutes had passed and he could vote to kick me.  Apparently, a 45 minute wait now gives one an asshat with a Napoleon complex.

There was a time when I could have respectfully run a survival hunter, but Cataclysm changed the mechanics of huntering so much (along with about a 3 month absence from the game) that I wouldn’t feel comfortable running it in a heroic right now.  I suppose I’m not one of the uber-elite who spends their entire day playing, I have a life that makes demands … I’ll get to the other specs later.  Heck, after 4.0.6, folks may not be in such a hurry to grab that spec anyway.



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