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February 2, 2011 at 5:31 pm (Hunter Pets)

For raiding in Cataclysm, I’m thinking about switching out my wolf for a wind serpent.  We have a number of casters in the raid that would benefit from the buff provided, and the buff is a straight 8%.  The wolf I used  through WotLK now offers a crit increase (instead of the AP bonus to me only) but for the entire raid.  Again, the composition of the raid will play a large role in my decision at the time, as well as the fight itself.  Thoughts from other hunters out there?  Did you do much pet switching in the last expansion, or were you rolling with a wolf most of the time?


  1. Peashooter said,

    For Magmaw attempt last night, I was alternating between the Dragonhawk and the Ravager.
    Our raid was 2 warrior tanks, rogue, frost DK, 2 SV hunters, boomkin druid and 3 healers (shammy, druid and priest).
    With the DK, hunters and boomkin all doing magic-based damage, I figured the Dragonhawk would suit better from a buff standpoint.
    However, then I realized that the DK’s damage was focused more on the parasites, which the pet wasn’t really hitting, so then I swapped over to the Ravager’s physical damage increase to allow the physical DPSers in melee better numbers.
    It was my first time in fight, so not really sure if either mattered much with the noobishness of learning the ropes again.
    Anyways, I tend to switch pets depending on what buffs exist or not.
    My new question is that I keep hearing about Wind Serpents instead of Dragonhawks. Why does the trend seem to lean toward the Wind Serpent instead?

  2. koalabear said,

    What does the 8% do? Because if you have a warlock, a balance druid or an unholy DK you would be doubling the usage and it would be wasted.

    If you know, the 8% does what I think it does

    • rustbeard said,

      The 8% is a straight 8% damage increase to all magic based attacks. The temporary nature of the buff leads me to believe that it does stack with other similar spells.

      • koalabear21 said,

        I don’t think it stacks with the above mentioned classes. So I wouldn’t use it if the buff is already covered.

        For example, that buff is provided by a lock for 5 mins at a time

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