Rage, Rage Against the Dropping of the Tank

February 16, 2011 at 3:35 am (5-Mans, QQ, Tanks)

If it’s the middle of the week, it must be my rage against the tank day.  Well, not really, but perhaps today.  Monday evening, I experienced my favorite DPS type – the line cutter.  The line cutters are those who quene with a tank, with the full intention of the tank dropping and leaving the group stranded until the next tank comes along.  However, the DPS who haven’t bothered to wait the 35-50 minutes necessary are entitiled to remain.  Had there not been two of them, I would have put the DPS up to a kick vote at first opportunity. 

I find myself wondering if Blizzard is tracking those who drop upon entering an instance.  Perhaps the mere 15 minute debuff isn’t enough.  I’m thinking about subtracting equipment points.  Any other ideas?


  1. Peashooter said,

    • rustbeard said,

      I hadn’t. My prayers have been answered.

      But seriously, it’s good to see that the Dev’s are reading this regularly, and finally beginning to take me with the seriousness that my every desire requires. Where’s the kungaloosh?

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