It’s About Freaking Time

February 21, 2011 at 3:49 am (Achievements, Raiding)

This week’s Shared Topic is going to take a day’s break, in order to bring this…

Now, my guild isn’t the top end raiding guild many others are on the server, but we decided that it was time to go back, and grab some of the heroic modes in ICC.  Well, we didn’t get Old Frosty down (yet), but here was a piece of coordination for the guild, despite an non-guild hunter who apparently had never been to ICC before and refused to get on vent.  A lack of available guildies on a Saturday night, and a lack of interest on the server, made it impossible to replace him well.  So, bad DPS for a little bit is better than no DPS at all.  And, at 2a.m. EST on Sunday morning, the bones fell from the sky.



  1. Arioch said,


    Refusal to get on vent equals no heals from me. I might just be evil. Unless he’s deaf. But no mention of hearing impaired and I am sight impaired in the region of his health bar.

    • rustbeard said,

      I’m passing this comment on to our healers. Making matters worse was that the hunter was a “single target only” DPS. Hunters, of all classes, need to be generalists – able to switch targets quickly and often throughout a fight. With a strong assortment of CC and interrupts, you can be expected to do something different every fight.

      Good to see you back!

  2. Peashooter said,

    Grats! We’re struggling with heroic Sindy because a few folks have never been there before and are forgetting to use the ice blocks right (and dying with 1 shots when the bombs hit). Planning to go back this week to wrap it up!

  3. jamin1993 said,

    Great post!

    Quick one. Do you not have an RSS feed available?

    – Jamin

    • rustbeard said,

      I haven’t really looked into an RSS feed yet. Between work, posting, and playing, my time has been taken quite nicely. However, I’ll make a point of looking into it.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Troutwort said,

    Woot! Congratulations!

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