Bringing on the Snark

February 28, 2011 at 2:56 am (Snark)

Time for a round of snarky comments for raids and instances.  Feel free to use, but be sure reference the original content!  (yeah, right)

Amazing!  Who knew that Consecrate would break CC?

I’ve always found that cloth makes for poor tanking gear, but be my guest.  (For your favorite aggro pulling mage/lock)

Sorry, left my Helm of Mind Reading at work, you’ll have to mark the mobs.

You do know there’s no achievement for pulling all the trash at once, don’t you?

Those who don’t learn from their mistakes are doomed to die in a fire.

Purple spots on the ground aren’t epic.

Did you like getting a swirly in school?  Then why do you insist in standing in one during the boss fight?

Every time the DPS pulls aggro, a small child dies.  A meteor is at this very instant hitting an orphanage to balance your overwhelming fail.


  1. koalabear21 said,

    Do you have one for the leveling Warrior/Paladin tank who needs on my caster cloth gear because it has “more stam” than what they have on?

    • rustbeard said,

      “You can have it, but I get to point and laugh during the next boss fight.” Oh, and the tank is then responsible for the repair bills.

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