It Seems Like Only Yesterday…

March 30, 2011 at 1:40 am (Achievements, Guild Relationships, Raiding)

Over last weekend, I managed to level Blackrune (#2) up to 85.  This incarnation of my DK lives on the Undermine server, where he’s a member of <Sword of Azeroth>.  After hitting the top level, I rearranged my talent trees (Blood & Unholy), and went off in search of heroics on Rustbeard without so much as getting my glyphs in order.  My initial plans were to run my heroic daily on Rusty on Monday night (I can’t wait for the 4.1 patch to drop the 7 per week change to heroics), then switch servers and start running regulars while finishing the quests in Twilight Highlands.  (I’ve still got almost the entire zone of Uldam to run as well).

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Shared topic: Your Favorite Race

March 28, 2011 at 1:30 am (Shared Topic)

What is your favourite race in wow?

I notice that fellow players pick different races for different reasons, but with the addition of different classes to may of the races, class seems to no longer be a function.  For myself, however, I enjoy playing the races that seem to exemplify my personality.  It should come to no surpise to anyone that know me, then, I play a dwarf for a main.

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Friday Screenshot 03-25-11

March 25, 2011 at 2:25 am (Friday Screenshot)

After a long day of slogging through the marshland, too tired to even remove her bracers, a Night Elf finds happiness simply involves being dry and warm.

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And sometimes, things go your way…

March 24, 2011 at 3:47 pm (5-Mans)

Anyone that’s ever been in a guild with me understands the following: I have the absoulte worst luck in random dungeons.  In WotLK, I made constant reference to HoFS… Halls of F*&%#(@ Stone.  Why?  Because in any given week, I managed to draw that as my daily 6 times.  Wheneveer I was farming for points, all I got was the brand new tank and healer combo – in the same guild – who both believed that their greens entitled them to run heroics pulling every trash mob in the instance.  There were times I sobbed so much I became dehydrated.

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Leatherworking: Mission Impossible

March 21, 2011 at 1:30 am (Leatherworking, Professions, QQ)

A little more than a month ago, I wrote how leatherworking is heavily affected by the new speed of leveling.  Apparently, I didn’t go far enough.  What I wasn’t aware of was that leveling from 180 to 200 would be near impossible for a hunter near or at level, or at least without a calderon of gold (a pot wouldn’t be big enough).  It seems, in Blizzard’s rush to put out an expansion that changed the entire nature of the game, they failed to check how various professions might be affected.  I suppose, that we’re all supposed to wait for the developers to take the time to get things right – but lets face it, if it’s a choice between class balance for high-end PvP arena (where cash is literally on the line) and the poor new character leveling up for the first time – well, don’t expect much to be done for the new night elf hunter.

The biggest problem with leatherworking is  the large number of mats required to construct each piece.  And, in the 180-200 range, nearly every trainable piece (or easily obtained recipie) requires heavy hides.  Prior to Cataclysm, the place to farm heavy hides was Swamp of Sorrows.  Now, the Green Wyrmkin (11% drop rate) and Scalebane Captain (10%) are no longer in the zone, and the Sawtooth Crocolisks are now level 52, and no longer skin for heavy leather/hides.  What about others, you ask?  Sparkleshell Snappers (8%) – drowned in Thousand Needles.  The Mountain Lions in Hillsbrad Foothills (6%) have disappeared.  The only reliable source still viable appears to be the Razorback Griffins, which drop heavy hide at 13% … but they’re friendly to Alliance characters, and therefore are available to the Horde only.  (Gratz on that decision Bliz!).  Outside of entering Uldman with a group (scorps drop at 6%), every other creature currently in-game is at 5% or less of a drop.  Given a best case scenario of needing only 20 heavy hides, that means killing and skinning in the neighborhood of 400 of the correct creatures.  I’ll bet that no alchemist has had to gather 400 nodes of flowers to level 20 points.  At the time of this writing, heavy hides are selling for an average of 35 gold EACH on the server I’m leveling a hunter on.  (Anyone know a character on a new server, level 40, with 700 gold?)

If you are hoping for other options, be prepared to see those hopes dashed.  While Dusky Leather Armor costs twice as much heavy leather, for an additional Shadow Oil, you can make a nice chest piece.  Oh, wait … sorry, it seems that the only NPC’s that sold the Shadow Oil recipie were killed by Deathwing.  So, if you didn’t have the potion learned already, you’re SOL.  So, it’s likely that even your guildmates won’t be able to help.  And, shadow oil is used in 5 other recipies as well, including one of the other options for leatherworking!

And don’t think that the 180-200 is the only skill area affected by these little oversights by Blizzard.  The Barbaric Bracers require both Raptor Hides and Large Fangs to complete.  The hides were primarily dropped by the raptors in the Wetlands … the same ones that have suddenly become fossils.  Funny thing about animated bones – they aren’t skinable.  And the Large Fangs?  Well they dropped best from creatures in, you guessed it, Swamp of Sorrows!

I have the distinct feeling that leatherworking isn’t the only profession suffering from this problem, but as this is the profession that I’m leveling up without the benefit of a large sum of cash, it’s one I can comment on.  I know for a fact that cooking suffers on the Alliance side as well – the quest for Turtle Bisque was removed, but  the turtles still drop meat that is no longer usable by new characters.

The problem smacks of a lack of checking.  In a huge effort to churn out new material, and revamp old material, there was a lot of playtesting of the new zones, and the leveling from 80-85.  I don’t know of anyone that had the time to not only level a character up, but engage in the professions as well.  The most reasonable way for the developers to have caught this was to do an audit on the creatures they were deleting – checking to see that what they dropped/sold/etc was available elsewhere, or that any crafted piece that used the particular item as a reagent was altered or deleted.  I’m kind of ticked that I bought, from a trainer no less,  a recipie that I can’t actually create with characters created post-cataclysm.

Any other examples out there?

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Epic quests…

March 14, 2011 at 2:17 am (Quests)

While leveling an alt over the weekend, I moved into the plaguelands.  I’ve always hit the plaguelands, for no other reason than the Little Pamela questline.  In it’s original form, the long line of quests sent you scurrying around multiple zones, all to reunite the ghost of a young girl with her father.  What made this questline so compelling was not only the touching final scene (if you stuck around to see it), but rather the entire layer of lore surrounding it.

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