Blizzard Nerfs my Rep Grind

March 2, 2011 at 2:30 am (Achievements, Mounts, QQ)

The word on the Wowhead Blog is that the slogging, grinding, mind-numbing repeatable quest requirements to gain the Wintersaber Mount will disapear into the nether come patch 4.1.  Instead, a mere 20 days worth of a single daily quest will allow even the folks with 15 minutes to spare for less than a month to gain one of the most beautiful ground mounts in the game.  By all appearances, the new daily payoff will be the same mount.  Let’s face it; never have so few slogged for so long to gain something so singular.

As my mount is now.

In fact, it’s the only ground mount I use when I don’t need a repair – even in the battlegrounds it lets the Horde know that a hunter with attitude is headed their way.  And, I dare anyone to do the quests as they stand (even if you get the easy mode of flying to your mobs, instead of taking 5 minutes to run each way) and not leave with an attitude.  Some people have never even seen Winterspring these days, even if you can get there on your flying mount – I had to rep with the Timbermaw before I could pass safely.  So, when I’m sitting in Stormwind on my mount, I still get the occasional whisper asking where I found the piece of awesomeness I’m sitting on.  I simply answer, “Go to Winterspring, find the trainer, and bang your head against a brick wall before starting.”

I understand the reasoning, to allow the Alliance to have the same easy-peasy quest for a mount that the Horde has.  I don’t think it ever entered the dev’s minds to give the Alliance a daily quest mount, and give the Horde a nightmareish set of repeatable quests to gain a sweet ride (perhaps a zebra kodo?)  This will also effectively remove yet another rep for the Alliance – making the new 50 rep achievement harder by the minute.

At least Blizzard should remove the mount availability, and add a re-skin.  The mounts from Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub were removed, and in 4.1 “new versions of the rare raptor, tiger, and bear mounts will be available, while the old versions of these mounts will remain for those who already have them.”  And, at the very least, a Feat of Strength achievement – perhaps “Damn You’re Dedicated” should be given to myself, and the other dozen or so of us that have gone mad to get that particular mount.  It’s one of the few that you couldn’t get simply by going to a Gold Seller and buying coin, then doing the massive labor of running over to the vendor all the way from the mailbox.

Re-skin in keeping with the removal of the rep grind.


  1. Martin said,

    must admit it and the stormpike goat are my fav 2 mounts I own just cause of the among of effort they took .

    • rustbeard said,

      Yeah, the Battle Charger was certainly a badge of honor. I admit, I did pick mine up when they switched to the 60 marks requirement – however, given the server I was on at the time, that meant 60 losing battles. Sort of like the way I slogged out my Silverwing Sentinel tabard.

  2. Flibbletalos said,

    Now thats a load of bullshit!!!! I have grinded my way to revered doing those stupid repeat me quests to now have that shit ripped away and replaced with a daily that i will have to start over with. To hell with it at that point, if i dont get the mount by the time the patch goes live i doubt i will even think about going for it

    • rustbeard said,

      Well, perhaps they’ll introduce the mount skin I’ve suggested above.

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