I’m Listening…

March 9, 2011 at 2:29 am (Real Life)

After being awash in a sea of purple beads (epic beads) from Mardi Gras, my head has emerged from the fog hopefully for long enough to get this post in.  As my friends and family will attest, I am something of a WoW-junkie.  And, with a lengthy drive to and from work, I’ve taken to listening to some of the podcasts – more than the couple I have listed to in the past.  And, in no particular order, are some of my favorites:

Raid Warning:  Please note that this podcast is Not Safe For Work, Not Safe For Children, and Not Safe While Drinking Milk.  The hard-drinking combination of Seven with Lodur and/or Thespius (from World of Matticus) starts with the beer reviews – what they’re drinking during the recording of the show.  If you like your Warcraft humor liberally laced with commentary and sexual innuendo, Raid Warning is for you.  And, for your added pleasure, you can listen to Seven get progressively more smashed during the podcast – the outtakes can cause milk to shoot from your nose.

The Other Guys Podcast:  Hosted by Brian Hough (formerly of Raid Warning) and Andy (Daewin from the defunct Hunting Lodge podcast), provides a slightly more serious discussion of WoW related subjects.  Don’t think that the juvenile humor is lacking, however – they can still cut up.  They’re new, but their approach to the topics of the day is refreshingly different from other podcasts.  Their experience in other MMO’s gives their opinions a different shade – I’m hoping this podcast sticks around for a long, long time.

The Instance:  One of the longest running podcasts (show #220 aired March 5th), the show has undergone a recent transformation as host Scott Johnson said goodbye to his longtime partner Randy.  His new partners, Willy “Dills” Gregory and Mark “The Turpster” Turpin are showing huge promise.  Turpin’s experience with the WoW Insider Podcast (he was co-host for quite a while) balances nicely with Scott’s extensive preparation and outstanding production.  But be prepared, this isn’t just a podcast that runs for 30 minutes – it’s obviously a BC instance (it takes a while, but you just can’t step away).

Twisted Nether Podcast:  Fimlys and Hydra have put together a solid podcast, discussing not only Warcraft, but blogging as well.  They have regular guests, and this podcast is a little more safe – you can listen with family in the room.  And yes, that is a small child, when Hydra’s child “Spawn” cries – you take a drink!

So, what is everyone else listening to?

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