Epic quests…

March 14, 2011 at 2:17 am (Quests)

While leveling an alt over the weekend, I moved into the plaguelands.  I’ve always hit the plaguelands, for no other reason than the Little Pamela questline.  In it’s original form, the long line of quests sent you scurrying around multiple zones, all to reunite the ghost of a young girl with her father.  What made this questline so compelling was not only the touching final scene (if you stuck around to see it), but rather the entire layer of lore surrounding it.

Little Pamela had it all, the heroes and villians, with a strong connection to the lore of the Third War.  For those like myself who did not play the previous Warcraft games, it provided an base to expand upon.  Issues surrounding the corruption of an otherwise honest soul, made to serve the Litch King against his own town, was designed to illicit emotion against an otherwise unseen enemy.  Quests revolving around the Scarlet Crusade took place in the same period when  you would be thrown against them in Stratholme – and discover the true reason for their corruption.  In the meantime, however, you might find yourself wondering how anyone could let their mission be so twisted and turn on those who shared the same goals.

While looking up information (it was during this period I first discovered Wowhead), I also came across the Cranius video/song Darrowshire.  To this day, it remains my favorite video, a haunting song about the lament of a small girl.  The end of the final quest hearlds the return of Joseph Redpath to his daughter, in a moment played out several minutes after the return of the final quest – if you don’t know about it, you might not stick around.  I think that the inclusion of more cutscenes was an attempt to rectify this – although this method allows others to witness the moment (all the better for it, in my opinion).

There were other epic questlines I’ve discovered, the Wrathgate comes to mind.  However, none have given me quite the feel of the Darrowshire quests.  Even Cataclysm content hasn’t measured up, although the linear questlines with multiple phasing  is designed to give the feeling of your actions having a concrete effect on the world.  My question to everyone is, what is your favorite questline, and why?


  1. Torval said,

    I think the most epic line I’ve done is probably the wrathgate quests. The cutseen at the end was awesome. It phased that portion of Dragonblight and also led to storming the Undercity.
    I don’t know if you’d consider it epic or just annoying, but the Linken quests starting in UnGoro were awesome for me. The references to Zelda were fun. All the travel involved turned a lot of people off, however.

  2. rustbeard said,

    The Wrathgate questline was probably the most epic in WotLK. The fact that you really didn’t hear the last of the consequences until you entered ICC made it even more so. Sadly, this is the type of questline I think has been lacking in Cata. Cutscenes do not equal epic – I’m speaking to you Harrison Jones. (Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it the first 2 times I finished it, but the shear number of cutscenes have driven me a bit batty.)

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