And sometimes, things go your way…

March 24, 2011 at 3:47 pm (5-Mans)

Anyone that’s ever been in a guild with me understands the following: I have the absoulte worst luck in random dungeons.  In WotLK, I made constant reference to HoFS… Halls of F*&%#(@ Stone.  Why?  Because in any given week, I managed to draw that as my daily 6 times.  Wheneveer I was farming for points, all I got was the brand new tank and healer combo – in the same guild – who both believed that their greens entitled them to run heroics pulling every trash mob in the instance.  There were times I sobbed so much I became dehydrated.

It seems that Heroic Deadmines has jumped up to fill the void in Cataclysm.  After all, each expansion I expect to pay.  Not in cash to Blizzard, but in the blood that seeps out my eyes watching the latest Failocalypse unfold.  Two night ago, a familiar story.  We start out with high promise: trash mobs go quickly, Glubtok and Heilix drop like rocks.  I’m thinking we stand a chance.  And then (cue music) … the Foe Reaper 5000 tears apart the group.  The tank, healer, and myself were familiar with the fight.  The other two seemed to think that the target on the ground was an immediate buff that they should stand in!  Two tries, no improvement, I dropped as  the healer and tank left in a huff.

Yesterday, apparently the RNG gods felt my punishment wasn’t enough – at least, so I thought.  The group seemed fairly well balanced, except a Death Knight who kept managing to get himself killed on each trash pack.  But, he was putting up good DPS numbers, good enough to be pulling off the tank.  I commented on Vent that the situation was dire, and our approach to the Foe Reaper would determine if I left quickly and cut my losses at an hour.  Well, not only did that boss fight go quickly, so did every other boss.  We cleared through the nightmares quickly, and proceeded to put Van Cleef the Younger to bed early.  And, to my surprise, the run dropped both the Cape of the Brotherhood (which mirrors the Exalted hunter reward from the Earthen Ring) and Bracers of Some Consequence.  Not bad for a run I was prepared to abandon … even if it did take 90 minutes.

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  1. koalabear21 said,

    Grats on the lewts. I hate Deadmines too. Not because the fights suck but because it just takes too damn long to finish it.

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