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March 28, 2011 at 1:30 am (Shared Topic)

What is your favourite race in wow?

I notice that fellow players pick different races for different reasons, but with the addition of different classes to may of the races, class seems to no longer be a function.  For myself, however, I enjoy playing the races that seem to exemplify my personality.  It should come to no surpise to anyone that know me, then, I play a dwarf for a main.

What about my personality qualifies as dwarflike, you ask?  Well, the dwarves seem quick to laugh, and fairly quick to anger (but also quick to forgive).  Dwarves seem to have a more “adult” sense of humor – listen to me on vent and you know I’m quick to throw out a double-entendre.  What other race would have you work “thighs” into a wedding song?

Dwarves are also the scholars of the Alliance.  Don’t get confused, the gnomes are the overeager engineers.  Dwarves have a sense of histoy unmatched by the other races.  The Explorer’s League may have unearthed a few problems, but they haven’t caused near as much trouble as the Night Elves.  Add to this the Dwarven rugged individualism, htey show a willingness to go where Blood Elves fear to tread.

And, to answer the question at least one would as, I’d play either a Tauren or Troll in the Horde – Gobblins are only good for bank alts.



  1. koalabear21 said,

    I don’t think I’ve ever thought about it. I usually go for what looks good for what I am playing. All of my characters have to be pretty. That seems to be the only underlying theme for me. Each of them develop an individual personality, even the ones that are identical to another.

  2. Torval said,

    I only have a favorite so far as I like the night elf racial Shadowmeld. In regards to what I see myself relating to, I don’t have a favorite. This is why my plethora of alts covers all races. I DO have one that I try to avoid, blood elves. The guys seem prissy and the woman have attitude. Can’t stand them. Maybe goblins as well. All other classes I like.

  3. Troutwort said,

    Good thing you can be just about every class just with dwarves! I think they have all but warlock now! For me, the thing about race is that I really wanted to balance so that I could experience all the starting zones, etc. So I was on the 2 each plan…which conveniently added up to 10 before Cataclysm. Now with Worgen that plan no longer works, so I’m down to one Draenei and one Worgen. Of all the racial abilities though, I use the human one the most “Every man for Himself” followed by the dwarf Stoneskin. But in the end I would say Humans for practical playing purposes, but I do tend to favor gnomes. Because they are proabbly most like me, excitable, giggle, and a little off their mechanical rockers.

  4. Troutwort said,

    Ack! I even have a dwarf lock! I meant druids–easy to confuse.

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