It Seems Like Only Yesterday…

March 30, 2011 at 1:40 am (Achievements, Guild Relationships, Raiding)

Over last weekend, I managed to level Blackrune (#2) up to 85.  This incarnation of my DK lives on the Undermine server, where he’s a member of <Sword of Azeroth>.  After hitting the top level, I rearranged my talent trees (Blood & Unholy), and went off in search of heroics on Rustbeard without so much as getting my glyphs in order.  My initial plans were to run my heroic daily on Rusty on Monday night (I can’t wait for the 4.1 patch to drop the 7 per week change to heroics), then switch servers and start running regulars while finishing the quests in Twilight Highlands.  (I’ve still got almost the entire zone of Uldam to run as well).

It was while waiting for Rusty’s heroic to drop I received a whisper from a friend, stating that SoA was lacking DPS for continuing the 25man Bastion of Twilight.  My response was something along the lines of: “they know I just hit 85 yesterday, and have no gear or glyphs, right?”  Well, I believe my friend oversold my skill level (he has a much higher opinion of my gameplay than I do), so the next thing I know, I’m switching servers and getting a summons.

Well, I haven’t even had a chance to reset my UI, so I’m busily trying to get things into place while listening to the strat for the Council fight.  This was the first attempt for the 25 man group,  and after a couple of wipes on the trash (never thought I’d find myself missing ToC) we were set to go.  I was apparently one of a few fill-ins that night, but I made it clear at the onset I was well aware I was under-geared.  I’m actually glad I didn’t think to activate Recount – it would have been difficult to see though the tears.

Several attempts later, we called it a night.  Thankfully, I was at least able to contribute a Jeeves to the effort, as it seemed my corpse was just a speed bump to the bosses.  As to the raid group, I’ll give the highest marks – leadership was effective in pointing out issues and where improvement was needed.  No one complained that I was dying quicker than the rest, my HP pool simply was too shallow in the gear I was in to reasonably expect any healer to keep up (although, they did for a minimum of Phase 1 of the fight).  No bitching or whining about not downing the boss, this was a learning fight and treated as such.  A highly enjoyable experience – now I just need to get some gear so that I’m able to contribute a bit more.

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  1. Torval said,

    We were glad to have you versus 24 manning it. It feels good to be in a guild that understands that fights are a learning process. It also helps that we got progressively better over the night. Last night we were back and the final boss of the council fight made a few appearances! Hope to have you back soon.

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