New Quality of Life in 4.1 – A Fantasy List

April 1, 2011 at 4:13 pm (Professions, Uncategorized)

The latest news off of the PTR is that Bind on Account gear may finally be bound “on Account” as opposed to “on Server, on Faction” as it currently exists.  If so, this good news will join the concept of giving players 7 weekly heroic dungeons, rather than a single daily heroic.  Now, starting a character on a new server won’t be quite so difficult, and you’ll be able to reap the rewards of having a character maxed out, and putting time into farming for enough points.  At least, your chest, shoulders, and weapons – I don’t see how guild reward heirlooms could be transferred at this time.  Of course, my mind almost immediately leapt to what other items could be changed to help those of us who are “alt-heavy.”  (I don’t go to Alts Anonymous, those people admit to having a problem.)  I’m well aware that some of these require quite a bit of work, but if you’re going to have a “fantasy list” you don’t waste a pick on a girl who rates a 4 … you go for the supermodel.

Shoulder enchants fixed.  I’d like to see the Therazene shoulder enchants fixed the way Sons of Hodir were fixed, at least to be “bind on server/faction.”  So I may have to level one rep all the way to the top on each server, but on my third grind of this particular rep, I may revolt.  It offers good gold, I’m aware, but on an alt, gold farming by quest isn’t very productive.  I remember reading that Bizzard was aware of the problem, and were looking for a patch to fix it in.  4.1 sounds pretty good to me.

Expand the “trade down” market.  We currently see this in the ink traders for inscription.  With enough of the top end inks, you can get rare lower level inks to either assist in leveling up, or finish off items for your alts to use.  Items with low drop rates are difficult to get, and without a large player base getting them, they have virtually dropped off of the auction houses.  This has given rise to some near monopolies in items such as elementals, driving prices up enough that leveling certain crafting professions is becoming limited to alts with high-gold level mains.  Why shouldn’t I be able to trade in 5-10 volatile life for a primal life, and send that to an alt or new guild member?  While it may deflate the currently overpriced value of older content, it would continue to raise the prices of newer material (and, hopefully, promote assistance within a guild).

Increase the potential for more than one level while crafting.  In the end game, several of the professions have the ability to gain more than one level per item crafted.  The increased rate of leveling, however, makes it more difficult to keep your professions at an appropriate level.  I have always felt that Blizzard put professions in the game to help you advance and gain appropriate gear/enchants/enhancements, rather than as a gold sink.  Now, I see a number of players blasting through the levels then going back and leveling their professions – so that the only time they’ll make use of them is at endgame.  In order to keep things as Blizzard intended them, they ought to receive a boost, or at least allow the guild achievement to give a chance of an additional level being added.

Improve my out of game experiences.  Have Morena Baccarin, Gina Torres, Jewell Staite, Summer Glau, oh and Christina Hendricks show up at my door asking me to father their children.  Oh, crap … wrong blog.



  1. koalabear21 said,

    I have a feeling that we wont see the BoA shoulder enchants until 4.2

    • rustbeard said,

      Probably not, but I’ll settle for the last item on my list if they can’t get anything else…

  2. Arioch said,

    Currently, you can already mail BoA across faction on the same server. Never tried it with any of the enchants, but I shipped weapons/chest/shoulder across faction lines a while back and then had to pay to mule them the rest of the way over to a new server.

    Trading down primals would be awesome and would have made leveling alchemy a tad bit easier since on a low pop server, no one is out farming the elemental plateau anymore.

  3. Torval said,

    I didn’t know about Blizz wanting to make BoA be able to go cross server. This is amazing news to me and my stable of alts. In regards to “how”. I think they should make it similar to glyphs at this point. Buy it once on any character and it’s there permanently for you to use on any toon from a menu of some sort.

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