Elitist Attitudes

April 6, 2011 at 3:36 pm (Guild Relationships, QQ, Raiding)

I spent several days contemplating on writing this article. I’ve railed against the elite factions on WoW before, but lately it seems to be a flood of complaining. I noted the comment in chat the other day “I’m not doing 25 mans anymore with noobs. I’m sick and tired of paying gold for them to learn. They need to do 10 mans, if anything.” Another remark made concerned WoW, “Blizzard shouldn’t be designing end game content that lets noobs play. This stuff should be limited to the best only.” It seems that many of the speakers have never realized some key elements to MMO’s in general, and in WoW in particular.

It seems that many in this community have forgotten that at one time they were also new to the game. Despite the oft repeated denials, at some point they were carried as tanks, unless they learned their profession in dungeons and raids well below their levels. There is not a player out there who hasn’t made a mistake that led to a wipe. Every time you entered a heroic dungeon using your pvp gear to get the proper level, someone is subsidizing your gear curve. I know that many of these folks think that their game skills descended with them as a demigod from Mount Olympus – but sadly they are mistaken.

In addition, there has been a major change in the way raids are handled since WotLK. No longer is the 25 man dungeon the pinnacle of raiding – the bosses have more HP, but the overall difficulty hasn’t increased. Instead, 25 man raiding simply drops more gear than the equivalent 10 man. With the difference in iLevels limited simply to the heroic status of the boss, now the larger raid isn’t the bastion of elitism that existed last expansion. In fact, 25 man dungeons are in some respects easier than their 10 man counterparts. In the larger raid, a person or two might die early and still allow the raid to recover.

In fact, 25 man raiding is a great way to introduce those new to raiding, or those undergeared, to a particular raid. Obviously, you can’t run 15 brand new 85s through a raid group, but particularly on content that’s being farmed, brining a player in with the potential of rapid gear gain (and increased valor points) and raid experience will benefit you in the long run. I would recommend that you keep these individuals from tanking, but having an auxiliary healer seldom hurts. If your DPS is up to snuff, you shouldn’t have a problem taking down the boss, even if it takes an extra minute. Obviously, if you’re just beating the enrage timer, wait until you’ve got enough room to allow the DPS to slack off (or replace the guy that always dies in the first 10 seconds).

The additional raid experience is going to be needed. At this point in the expansion, we’re beginning to see those folks who haven’t raided before gain enough gear to begin. This will be required to offset the disappearance of those who go to other games (Rift, SWTOR) and those who experience “burn-out” and wait until the next raid drops to return. Comments such as the ones made in my presence have the tendency to prevent players from entering into raiding. They either leave (the guild or the game entirely), simply never raid, or risk the apparent displeasure of their guildmates and learn to raid. Those involved in the QQ seldom take a moment to think that the person they’re bitching about may be on an alt, or have a RL friend currently in guild-chat. Complaining in a public forum like guild chat only promotes drama, and leads to issues down the road.

The elitists will say that it’s the very “dumbing down” of the game that is driving their kind away from the game. They seem to forget that people said the same thing after the release of WotLK as well … yet WoW experienced great growth during that period (and obviously, it didn’t rid us of all the elitists). My response from now on will be something on the line of “So, I suppose you mean that only Ensidia gets to raid – why aren’t you with them?”

Shortly, I’m going to go into some of the reasons why if the elitists had their way, they’d soon not be playing at all.


  1. rustbeard said,

    Oh, the elitism is a state of attitude, not a level of play. You’re quite correct, most of the bitching comes from those who fail to meet their own definition, except in their mind of course.

    Now, showing up unprepared is another matter altogether (unless of course, they’re a last-second invite).

  2. Elitist Attitudes part 2: You Can’t Go “Home” Again « Little Blue Dog said,

    […] I discussed the recent complaints by the elite crowd that raiding had become too accessible for the “causal” player and that only the best should be raiding.  I’m presuming that […]

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