Too much WoW when:

April 11, 2011 at 1:28 am (Real Life, Snark)

You know you play too much WoW when:

  • You answer “DPS” to the question “What do you do?”
  • You bet on the Vikings to beat the Jets, because everyone knows purples are better than greens.
  • You call making Thanksgiving dinner “leveling your cooking.”
  • Birthday and anniversary presents are ways to reduce spouse aggro.
  • You listen to more than three Warcraft podcasts.
  • You’re asked to name a Bruce Willis movie and answer “Gnomeaggeddon”
  • You look at road kill and think “Ooow, leather scraps!”
  • You go to the strip club and ask for a mailbox dance.
  • You don’t understand why a Basic Campfire can’t be constructed without Simple Wood or Flint and Tinder.
  • You’ve bought a tombstone that reads “Rez Pls”
  • You have responded to a mugger’s demand for your wallet with “Dude, I’m not flagged for PvP!”
  • You’ve been seen wearing a lumberjack shirt, chainmail pants, and holding a fishing rod … near a lava flow.
  • You hand make a pair of silk gloves and post them on E-Bay with the description “+ INT”
  • You look into getting license plates that read “HNTR LUT”
  • You walk into the bedroom with a gleam in your eye and tell your significant other “Frostmorne hungers…”
  • He/she replies “You are not prepared!”
  • You write a WoW blog.

Ed note: Rustbeard is guilty of at least 7 of the offenses listed above.


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