Shared Topic: Who Owns the Guild

April 21, 2011 at 5:31 pm (Guild Relationships, Shared Topic)

Since Cata started Guilds, matter more. In order to recieve Guild beneffits. everyone most work for them. In Wotlk, Leaving a Guild meant, changing Guild Tags, in Cata means TIME.  Does a Guild belong to those who lead it?. Should we check Guild Etiquette?

Cataclysm brought a number of changes to the game, not the least of which is guild mechanics.  Formerly, guild involvement was limited to whatever the members wanted out of it, from raiding to social interaction.  If things weren’t going well, you could leave the guild, and join or form another without repercussion.  Now, with the addition of guild reputation, guild achievements, and tangible guild rewards and perks, members have more than time invested in the group.  So, when things go wrong and the issues become epic, the question is raised of who “owns” the guild and gets to determine its direction.

In the strict sense, the GM owns the guild – and he can make decisions unilaterally or with a group.  The GM is the CEO and CFO wrapped in one.  While different levels players in a guild may have inviting and booting privileges, the GM can grant or remove these as he or she wishes.  In a less strict sense, the GM owns the products of the guild, and the membership shares in the wealth, proportionate to what they’ve put into the guild (your personal guild rep).

I think, however, that the issue is what happens when things go bad.  Right now, with the GM holding executive power, they hold the right to cut out the offending portion of the guild through /gkick, the membership has no recourse.  In the past, a portion might form their own guild, and might still do so, but without any of the guild perks that their former guild would retain.  With a number of guilds hitting level 25 now, I can foresee that at least one guild that has aggressively expanded since the expansion hit will go through a massive culling, shedding membership down to perhaps a core raiding group and the players alts. The players who leveled up, earning the level for their guild are suddenly out in the cold, and even if they find a new guild the process of leveling your guild reputation begins anew without five levels worth of quests to assist you in the procedure.

So, what is the remedy?  Well, first and foremost, applying to a guild has suddenly become more complicated, although I’m not sure that the majority of players are aware of it.  Applying should be more like a job application – a prospective member should take the time to make sure that the guild is the right fit, and they don’t have a reputation of inviting and kicking players.  If you’ve going to interview with a guild, be sure to ask some questions of your own – you need to be comfortable with this group, deciding that they’re not a good fit six months later won’t leave you happy.  I think that Blizzard ought to take some steps to allow for guild research, such as keeping track of the number of /gquits and /gkicks (over a span of 3-6 months), so that prospective members can see if guilds have a rotating attendance which might indicate problems.

Preventing guilds from mass dumping, however, will take a little more action.  Perhaps the simplest thing would be to deduct any guild XP earned by kicked members.  The player would not be able to take this and use it in another guild, but the kicking guild couldn’t then use the kick feature to extract experience from players and then dismiss them.  The only time this might not happen is when kicking players who haven’t logged on in a certain length of time (and perhaps Blizzard would send an e-mail to the player indicating his/her toon was nominated for guild removal).  Players who quit the guild would not cause such a loss and penalize the guild.  Should the guild XP removal result in the loss of guild levels, abilities and items gained would find their use suspended until the guild level was re-raised (you wouldn’t have to buy them again).

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