Draft Day: “Raiders” in WoW

April 27, 2011 at 3:15 pm (Guild Relationships, Raiding)

Following my rants against elitist attitudes, I’ve given some thought to the title of “Raider.”  When defining the term, however, it bears thinking about the fact that there are different levels of raiding.  So, in honor of the upcoming NFL Draft, I’m going to compare those levels to the game of football (American style):

Hall of Fame Players:  In the NFL, these are the giants of the game, who are elected to the Pro Bowl the year after they retire, just because.  Not always the guys with Super Bowl rings on their hands, but they tend to collect them.  In WoW, these are the Ensidias, the World First guilds who treat the PTR like a blow-up doll, banging it until it breaks open its secrets.  These folks are dedicated, eating, drinking, sleeping and breathing their chosen profession.  Each person is an undisputed master of his or her class and role, understanding both the capabilities and how to employ them to squeeze every last drop of DPS, threat or heals out of their gear.

NFL Player:  The professionals of the sport, players who have the skill to rise to the highest levels.  WoW players at this level are the ones completing heroics at the tier level.  Getting to this level requires a large investment in learning your role, training your mechanics, and practicing with the team.  While not at the level of the HoF players above, they understand that despite not doing it first, they’re still going to the playoffs.  Raiding at this level still requires a significant level of commitment, learning a complicated playbook (strats), and putting a large investment in maxing your character’s spec and gear.  In Warcraft, however, it is the folks in this category (or who think they are) that enjoy looking down their noses at everyone else.

College:  The not-quite-ready for primetime players (yet), these people the ones who use grit and dedication to muscle though for the win.  The raiders at this level fight their way through regulars at the appropriate gear level.  The playbook isn’t as large, and dealing with unexpected problems poses a much greater challenge.  Raiders at this level might simply not have the time or desire to hone their skills, but enjoy the challenge of raiding.

High School:  The high school player plays for the love of the game, and while they might not have the skills to compete at a higher level.  The WoW player of this level will find it nearly impossible to complete raids at appropriate level gear, but may go back later in an expansion and work their way through – overgeared.  It doesn’t always work, sometimes the mechanics of the fight are never mastered, and despite overwhelming gear, the boss won’t be downed.  But, by and large, most players of this level don’t let that bother them – they’re just happy to be on the field, and they’ll bounce to the next challenge when they can.

So, who qualifies as for the title “Raider”?  In my humble opinion, all of them.  The elite will tell you that only the top to categories belong in raids, but every NFL Hall of Famer started his career in High School.  So, when an elitist tells you that only the best should raid, ask them this: “So, we should shut down the raid to anyone who wasn’t on the server first?”

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  1. koalabear21 said,

    Very good comparison. I am already placing people I know into those catagories lol.

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