Pet Causes

May 6, 2011 at 1:00 am (Vanity Pets)

The release of the Cenarion Hatchling pet from the Blizzard store has caused quite a stir.  Originally, the pet was obtained through a rare TCG loot code, and was virtually unobtainable anymore.  However, now the folks over at Blizzard have decided to sell the pet, without a reskin, and have 100% of the price go to the American Red Cross’s Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief efforts.  I appriciate the change that the folks in California made from the last cause related pet, the Pandaren Monk, who saw 50% of the proceeds going to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  However, I do have a problem with the devs basically watering down the efforts (and real money spent in many cases) of individuals to acquire the pet.  I understand that they had something that cost them no real money (which in some ways cheapens Blizzard’s contribution) and ready to go, but I find it hard to believe that they don’t have a couple of pets kept “in waiting” that they could use.  Or, perhaps, they just wanted to profit over these pets – I don’t mind that, but don’t then pretend that you’ve donated some great cause in time and effort – I imagine it took about 15 man-hours to get the pet into the store and set up a special accounting for the cash spent.

Next time, perhaps they could find a more appropriate pet?  I think that a small water elemental (or crashing wave) would have been far better for the Tsunami relief.  Perhaps they could come up with a small air elemental for aid to the tornado victims in the South?



  1. Troutwort said,

    While a water elemental or whirling air elemental might seem cute and appropriate, the flip side is of course that people who are victims of those disasters might feel that their situation is being trivialized. A little air elemental is cute, but for someone who just had their life destroyed by a tornado, it might seem that your situation is trying to be made light.

    I understand both sides, I think it’s a dangerous PR line to walk though, so picking a pet completely unrelated is the “safest”.

    • Rustbeard said,

      Apparently I forgot to add my “sarcasm” button to the post. Having been through a couple of devistating tornados, and then moving to a city perhaps best known throughout the world as the scene of one of the greatest disasters in the world, I’m well aware of the devistation. However, whatever pet that Blizzard decided to use for donations, I would hope that they actually spent a bit of time and effort in the creation, instead of touting their civic-mindedness by using something long ago created and paid for by others.

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