Of Call to Arms

May 27, 2011 at 2:49 am (5-Mans, Snark, Tanks)

If I can get through on the phone line, I’m sending this to the Raid Warning rant line:

Of Call to Arms

Of Call to Arms, that is the name;
The latest attempt, to get tanks in the game.
Despite my latest try at e-mail;
The devs don’t understand the idea is fail.
In a random, on my last attempt;
I hoped that my group, just might be exempt.
I zoned in, and saw the tank;
With gear so bad, I thought it a prank.
To get in the door, he used a cheat;
Bags full of purple, PvP elite.
“I hope you don’t mind,” he said with a smile;
“But since I’ve tanked, it’s been quite a while.”
On his body, he wore not a blue;
It was apparent, green was the only hue.
The group was as mad as Attila;
When they saw his trinket was from vanilla.
Then he told us not to fear;
His massive skill would overcome his gear.
It seemed he believed his own hype;
Until the first boss ended with a wipe.
Then the tank, he started his jive,
It was the healer, not keeping him alive;
And the aggro, that he couldn’t hold,
Was due the DPS, being too bold.
I had a plan, for our tank’s fate;
So I whispered the group, told them to wait.
The tank was there, looking quite cross;
I came up behind him, misdirected the boss.
His cries of anguish, filled up my screen;
By his language, you’d think I was mean.
So I typed out, before I dropped group;
“Sorry to leave, but I’ve got to go poop.”

1 Comment

  1. Arioch said,


    I have yet to try queuing solo on my healer for the call to arms. Maybe this weekend. Maybe.

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