Quote of the Week:

May 30, 2011 at 10:38 am (5-Mans, QQ)

On Jan’alai:

Rusty: You can’t let all the eggs on a side hatch.  The healer died because you couldn’t hold aggro on any of the adds.
Tank: Haha.  I’m a warrior, it’s impossible for me to hold aggro on that many adds.
Rusty: So … don’t let the guy release all of the birds at once.  Kill him before he breaks more than one or two sets.
Tank: Well, none of the other groups I was in had a problem with it.  But, if the DPS can’t handle it…
Rusty: Were you tanking the other groups?
Tank: No.
Rusty: And you don’t see the problem?

At this point, I firmly wished to have a head extraction device, because the tank’s was firmly lodged in his posterior.

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  1. Torval said,

    Fail warrior. You needed a better tank. Heroic Leap, Rend plus Thunderclap, shockwave: last time I checked they don’t have a limit on targets. To his benefit though, most groups can slow and AoE down the adds without a tank… Pulling that boss to one side or another can sometimes lead to some hairy situations. The Zandalar instances are not for the noobish.

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