Another Milestone

June 9, 2011 at 3:59 pm (Achievements, Raiding)

There’s nothing like loading a moving van, driving 1100 miles, and unloading it in 3 days to give you a new perspective on painful.  Add a gnome kicking me with plate boots for those 1100 miles, and you being to understand how bad it is to drag a boss below 1% on your next-to-last attempt, and still fail.  However, last night <Sword of Azeroth> marked a major milestone, just like my first truck to NOLA.

Last night, I was the last raider in, only due to the fact that we were a healer short.  I was informed that should a healer arrive, I’d be on the bench.  My response was “well, I plan on downing Cho’gall before a healer logs in.”  I managed to alternate within the top 10 DPS.  In the end, the extra DPS allowed us to reach Phase 2 on Cho’gall for the first time.

Two attempts later, we had the beast under 10%, then a 1% wipe.  The most disheartening of all, wiping with Cho’gall at 70k health.  Yep, a 0.07% wipe.  Vent was silent, and we had time for one last run.  Upon our rez, we found the 2 ogres standing guard behind us.  A quick pull to dispatch them, and we went straight into the boss, before the other adds in the room respawned.  The result: one dead boss.

Sword of Azeroth downs Cho'Gall

 So, look out to my fellow guildies in <Shadow Rising>.  We’re catching up!



  1. koalabear21 said,

    We got Nef to 3% last night 😦

  2. repgrind said,

    Grats! Also, there are far too many people in that picture. I don’t know how you do it.

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