A New Expansion, Hero Classes, and Future Factions

June 12, 2011 at 1:19 am (Uncategorized)

I was having a conversation the other day with a fellow player, as to potential hero classes and we came up with the following:

Samuari Class: A mail wearing, dps class of melee.  In some ways, similar to a rogue, with agility being a prime stat.  Two handed weapons, with perhaps a sword bonus.  Signature attack – a jumping two-handed over the head blow.  Fatal weakness: The honor-bound samuari has no way of shedding aggro.

Monk Class : Truth be told, I’d like this to be a leather wearing class – a healing/dps combo.  A staff specialist, the monk has the moves of the old street-fighting monks.  Signature healing move – Vespers – a channeled heal for big numbers.  Fatal weakness: Vespers brings a huge threat.

As to some new factions, they might fit in with the ones above.  Like BC and WotLK, you’d chose your faction to champion.  First, an japanease themed group – pagoda archatecture (perhaps with a panda motif??).  The other, a culture similar to Nepal/Mongolian – complete with Yurts.

Any thoughts on what you’d like to see out there in the future?

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  1. Troutwort said,

    Speculation over potential hero classes are always fun! You have it right that the new class would either be leather or mail wearing so not to overload plate or cloth with another class sharing armor.

    Monk is one that I think would be awesome, there are monks in Scarlet Monestary anyways. Staff specialization is awesome though too, make them like gambit, but with a healing tree, a monk would be awesome as a healer for close range–a melee group healer? Amazing.

    Another one that would be cool is something of a ranger or sharp-shooter class. Hunters are the only ones with physical ranged DPS, but the thing with the hunter is they are a pet class. I say expand the physical ranged DPS, but no pet, and allow them to dual wield both guns and crossbows. Talent trees I suppose get tricky to give them each a different feel, but I’m sure Blizzard could come up with something. But the addition of another ranged physical class would be cool–for those that don’t want to bother with pets.

    I like the Samurai idea though.

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