How to lose friends and influence raiders

June 16, 2011 at 11:51 am (Guild Relationships)

I usually discuss ways to positively influence your guild members and raid team, but I wanted to take a moment to list some ways you can insure getting less than the best from others.  Sadly, most of this is comon sense, but within a larger guild, leadership can overlook some of these things – but it is their responsibility to make sure these types of things don’t happen.
* When raiding, make sure that all raiders are treated alike.  If the guild bank is paying for raid repairs, it should be paying for everyone’s.  If you’re charging for flasks from cauldrons, everyone best pay.  That said, it is ok to have an exception to two, like free flasks for a month, but only if its for a limited time, and the same couple of people aren’t getting the benefit repeatedly.
* Don’t relegate someone to the bench with silence.  If they’re worthy of a raid invite, they’re worthy of a whisper to inform them you’re full up.  And no, a /g anouncement isn’t any better.
* Run with who brought you.  If someone spends more than one raid period while the group learns the fight, replacing them at the last minute then dropping the boss (unless they were the reason you weren’t succeeding, and you’d best be able to back it up) is rather low class.  if they’re paying their own repairs, even more so.  If you do have to replace them, make sure that they get into the group to down the boss soon, and tell them why you’re taking them out.  If you use folks to save someone else’s purse or time, don’t be surprised when they leave, and take others with them.  This is easiest when you keep your progression group steady from week to week.
* Don’t use new content as a crutch to avoid farming older content when raiders still can use gear/want achievements from older instances.  Officers need to be aware that they’re not thbe only ones in the guild who care about achievements.
* Don’t endlessly repeat basic raid instructions/strategies unless there’s someone new or someone asks.  The 5th week of raiding, everyone knows what flasks cost.



  1. Torval said,

    Don’t forget rewarding those that don’t deserve it. I totally did not expect to get in raid on wednesday night, having logged in ten minutes late. Yet there I found myself. Granted I’m a healer, but ten minutes late and I should have long been replaced.

    • Rustbeard said,

      Given our healer shortage, and an even greater shortage of GOOD healers, I’m not the least surprised.

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