Old Content is Still Useful

June 28, 2011 at 5:33 am (Patch Issues, Raiding)

The realms are down.  Across the server world, tents are being raised, questgivers are being ushered into position, and the house lights are preparing to dim on a whole new host of boss encounters.  And much like a State Farm commercial, thousands of guilds will enter new instances tonight, and at least three will have a Leroy Jenkins moment.  With the new tier of content, there is going to be a considerable push to focus exclusively on the Firelands raids.  That being said, there are some compelling reasons to continue to focus some time and effort on both regular and heroic Tier 11 content.

Player Gear:  The new content will require a certain gear level to allow success in the raid.  While most of the Tier 11 pieces will be purchasable for justice points, certain items such as shoulders and helms will require tokens to get.  Other gear will simply not be available without drops.  Having players with two-three items of a blue heroic level is a recipe for disaster in the making, and those groups who have recently conquered the normal modes won’t have everyone outfitted yet by any stretch.

Additional Valor Points:  Early in the expansion, valor points are going to be at a premium.  The reduction in max VP per week allows players to run 7 troll heroics a week and hit the upper level.  However, given the current state of idiocy in randoms, unless you’re running the entire raid through as a guild, don’t expect players to reach the ceiling every week.

Mental Break:  It’s always good to go somewhere familiar (even if it does have additional mechanics), to break up sessions of learning new content.  New material is mentally exhausting, and learning new set of fights puts a severe strain on any group.

Achievements/Titles:  Ok, so it may be only me, but some of your raiders might well enjoy having a new name above their head.  Besides, heroic modes aren’t getting nerfed, and until you’re entire raid is outfitted in the new gear, you’re still raiding it at level.

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  1. Torval said,

    I’m with you. The only catch being that I see our raid nights changing to not coincide with the typical nights. AKA, we can still raid Tier 11… Just not on “raid night”. Sad but true.

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