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July 11, 2011 at 4:52 am (Guild Relationships)

A good guild website serves a number of functions, everything from communication to recruiting and promotion.  A good website will serve these functions efficiently, and provide information both for potential recruits and established members.  A bad website, however, will turn away potential members, and serve no practical purpose for the guild.  So, the question becomes, what makes a good website.  In truth, there is no single thing or style that makes a good website, but there are several things that a good guild site will include.  In later weeks, I’m going to go into some of these in depth, so if you don’t understand what I’m saying, please ask a question in the comments.

Statement of Purpose/Goals:  Let people know what you’re banded together for.  Reasons range from “We’re a 25-man, progression raiding guild striving for all hard-mode achievements,” to “A social guild dedicated to grossing each other out in Vent.”  A sentence is good, a paragraph is better – but let potential recruits know what you are all about.

Membership Requirements/Application:  List your requirements for membership, and link to an application if you have one.  If you’re a raiding only guild, and you expect members to be on 5 nights a week for raiding, say so.  Here is the place to list add-ons that your guild requires.  You can mention that Vent is required, but here is not the place to have your vent information.

Code of Conduct:  Having a concrete set of rules makes it much easier to handle problem players.  If you can point to specific infractions, the party can’t claim ignorance.  Also indicate the potential penalties for breaking the rules.  For example, if you’re a family-friendly guild, you may have a rule about bad language in vent or guild chat.  If a player does it, and finds themselves demoted without guild bank access and on probation, you can simply point to “Rule #3.”

Loot System/Rules:  Having your loot system explained on your website will keep the raid leaders sane by simply referring back to the website.  And potential recruits to your guild will know going in how loot is distributed.  If you’re using a Loot Council type system, this is the place to list the members of the council.

Guild Officer List:  Have a full list of guild officers and the positions they hold.  If someone is on the server, they can contact an officer in-game if they have questions, and your guild members can find the person they need quickly.

General Raid Schedule:  You’ll save a recruitment officer reams of paperwork if you simply list the times and days you run raids. 

Contact Information:  A good way to contact the guild out of the game.  Normally, this will be an e-mail answered by the recruiting officer(s).  Expecting someone to jump servers to contact you in order to get questions answered won’t win you many recruits.

Screenshots:  Here’s the place to brag, show off the guild, or highlight your activities.  Be unique, this is an easy way to set yourself apart from other guilds.

Members Only Forum/Area:  While all of the above should be accessible by the public at large, the forum you have is often best kept for the guild only.  This keeps internal drama and issues in-house.

Update Regularly:  When’s the last time you saw a guild webpage that hadn’t been updated in a while?  What are the odds of a skilled raider applying to a group that shows BC content at the top of their page?  Regular updates lets the world know you’re alive and thriving.


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  1. Torval said,

    Good post. Having to remind the same guy every week that we don’t curse in Vent is really annoying. I would love if they actually did something about it, instead of the usual “watch the language on Vent”… “oh my bad…”

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