10 Signs You’re Not Going to Drop the Boss Today

July 21, 2011 at 4:11 pm (5-Mans, Raiding)

  • There’s no hunter.
  • While demonstrating the survival technique during the fight, the priest pulls the boss.
  • The druid’s name is “Failchicken.”
  • The DK asks for the shield if it drops. Bonus points if he wants the BoP item for an alt.
  • There is any use of “Sham-WOW” when casting Heroism/Bloodlust.
  • The warrior tank cries that he can’t get aggro on groups.
  • When asked for “Lock candy” the response is “Red Hots or Wintergreen?”
  • The rogue tries to use a gun for Fan of Knives.
  • Your mage dies and flies back to the wrong instance, wondering why he can’t get in.
  • The ret pally is wearing spirit armor, and announces her intention to tank.

And before you ask, yes… these have happend to me.


  1. Torval said,

    • “We need to work on not dying” is the strategy suggested after wipe No. 6
    • Same strat, no changes, attempt number 20…
    • 40 people on, can’t get a full group…
    • Some of your best geared toons, including officers, do some of the lowest dps… And remind you to check out X website to maximize your dps…
    • You have had more than two people respec to try and down the same fight.

    And lest we forget…

    • All boss strategies begin with, “Alright guys, this is a fairly simple fight…”

  2. Rustbeard said,

    I seriously considered entering the last one… but it was too priceless.

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