It Burns When I PvE

July 28, 2011 at 4:00 pm (Guild Relationships, Raiding)

The last few weeks I’ve been beating my head (along with the rest of my guild) on Beth repeatedly.  It sounds like the guild is suffering from massive failure; however, reality differs significantly from the first impression.  We’ve suffered from disconnects, and on a 25-man fight like this one, the sudden loss of one of your spiderling killers is an almost auto-wipe.  The lag within Vent caused the guild to switch to Mumble – here’s a tip, don’t switch systems on a raid night.  We’ve also tried a number of strategies, and moved from 3 tanks to 2.  If suffering is sunshine on the soul, enough already – we’re suffering from 3rd degree burns.  Despite the problems, we’re still filling our raids, there has not been a mass of /gquits in frustration, and the group has been willing to continue on this boss rather than moving over to a different target.  How has this group held it together, when others that I have been a part of have fractured under the strain?  Well, several ways:

No public blame game.  There’s no open discussion, either in chat or on Mumble, that “player X fracked up.”  Issues with individual performance are handled by /whisper in chat.  And, by referring issues directly to the raid leader in a PM, you avoid the potential drama bomb that explodes later.

Individual responsibility.  Sometimes bad things happen.  And occasionally, it’s even your fault.  Own up.  Ask for help if you need it.  A raid leader will appreciate your honesty, and may save the group countless wipes.

Humor in the group.  While returning to the instance the lighthearted comments fly faster than our ghostly griffins.  Comments about our “leet sporebats” help reduce the stress, and remind everyone that we are, in fact, here to have fun.

Willingness to adapt strategies to fit the group.  Diverse groups mean diverse abilities.  Moving players around may solve some problems, but occasionally the strategy just won’t work with the group available.  Instead of trying to pound square pegs into round holes, look to find a square hole instead.


  1. Troutwort said,

    It’s always a good strategy to ask everyone to get out their mini-pets before a fight. I swear they increase DPS.

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