Guild Recruiting Methods

August 14, 2011 at 4:36 pm (Guild Relationships, Snark)

Does your guild need more players? Spamming the trade channel and the official forums not working? Perhaps it’s time to take a new tack, and try something different. In that vein, I present the following unconventional, but effective, means of advertising your guild’s need for skill.

* Bumper Stickers: They’ve worked so well for the parents of honor roll students, so putting “My Guild went 6/7 in Normal Mode” with contact information will certainly drive new applicants to you.

* T-Shirts.  Classic advertising, in the form of “<UberNoobs> downed the Litch King, and all I got was this crappy T-shirt.”  Who wouldn’t want to join a guild that drops this kind of loot.  For bonus points, make sure the shirt is purple … unless your guild name is <RedShirtGuys>.

* Church Bulletin Board: Rather effective if you remind the parishioners that “<Resurrection> is actively recruiting Shadow Priests and Warlocks.”

* Sandwich Board on the Sidewalk:  This method has worked wonders for $5 pizzas, discount tax preparers, and Cub Scout carwashes.

* Public Access Television:  It did wonders for Wayne and Garth, and if they’re up at midnight watching TV, you know they have the right lifestyle for raiding.

* Highway Billboard: A hot girl wearing a nelf costume, with the following text: “Play with me every night.  <Lonelyndesperate> Moon Guard – US.”  If the recruits don’t come a floodin’ in, it’s because you put it in Amish country.

* Booth at San Diego Comic-Con.  The audience is targeted correctly.  The only problem you may have is convincing the same guild that wouldn’t cough up $10 a month for a vent server to lay out that kind of cash.

* Chief Sponsor for a NASCAR Truck team:  The trucks race on Friday nights, so you know that viewers don’t have a social life to get in the way, and NASCAR fans are some of the most brand-loyal people around.

* On the back of an Alexstrasa costume:  The first rule of advertising is the same as real-estate: location, location, location.  It doesn’t matter if the print is small, it WILL be read.  I wonder if Nads is available…

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