Boys Playing Girl Elves Rejoyce

August 22, 2011 at 1:31 am (Game Developments, Snark)

I'm so hot, I'll melt the Frozen Throne!

I suppose the old saw is officially true, if you wait long enough, items long out of fashion eventually come back to the mainstream.  With the forthcoming patch 4.3, you will now be able to transmogrify your gear, transferring the stats to a piece of armor you already own (of similar type and stats).  I’m certain that most of the game can’t wait to see Elves of various persuasion questing and raiding once again in skimpy plate; and those who say they don’t are lying.  Aside from the skimpy costumes, I expect there to be some interesting changes, and of course, the opportunity to make some cash.  Unlike most previous patches, however, you can begin preparing for these changes now, and be on the cutting edge when the patch drops.

Look for a resurgence of old raid runs, particularly those early ones where the gear tokens drop directly off the bosses, instead of using the current point structure for the majority of the gear.  Raid leaders, this is a time to get noticed.  Start running some of the older raids and have the raid group wearing complete sets of tier gear – but with your new stats.  The look of your entire guild standing on the bank steps wearing say, Tier 4 gear, can’t be ignored.  And, if you’re recruiting, trust me, you’ll stand out with a group of members wearing the gear and riding on their guild mounts.  And your group photos will now look like a classy private school class, rather than folks wearing clashing armor!

Won’t all that good stuff cost loads of gold?  Who’s going to have the cash to do all of this?  Relax folks, the swami knows all.  Sadly, he isn’t telling me either.  But, to ease your wallet, you may wish to start hording some of the skimpier and cool looking blues and greens that drop.  That’s right, don’t send all the goodies to the AH until you know what it looks like on you.  Unless, that is, you’re on the Undermine server and playing Alliance.  Then, sell it all, at Labor Day blow-out sale prices.

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  1. Troutwort said,

    It’s time to put the sex back in sexing, I mean raiding.

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