About Me

Little Blue Dog is run by Rustbeard, a Dwarf Hunter.  Yes, the name does bring back memories of BRK, but I never expect to hold that level of respect, nor be that accomplished.  Actually, the name comes more from the work of George Rodrigue, who’s gallery I happened to find on my first trip to New Orleans. Besides, the name is much better than “Rust-Pelted Wolf” or “Stupid Blue Raptor”.

In real-life, I am employed as a Construction Scheduler, spending my time in the field, thus I’m on the road approximately 50 weeks a year, changing sites every 2-3 years. My previous job has me located in Las Vegas, which is somewhat warmer than my last location in Central Pennsylvania.  And no, I don’t build houses – I build power plants.  Now, I’m living in the Greater New Orleans Area, and doing something completely different – but still in construction.



  1. rustbeard said,

    Great to see here Arioch, I found your blog a few days ago, and have been enjoying it ever since.

  2. Tim said,


    I’ve been using “Little Blue Dog” and “Blue Dog Blog” on my blog, and at littlebluedog.com, since about 2003. I regard the term as a trademark. Would you consider choosing another name for your blog?

    Best regards,


    • rustbeard said,


      I’m already out there – and having gone through your site, I don’t think there is any chance that folks would mix us up. I’m already receiving name recognition with this name, and to change now would prove an unnecessary burden. If anything, your site may find more visitors.


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