Old Content is Still Useful

June 28, 2011 at 5:33 am (Patch Issues, Raiding)

The realms are down.  Across the server world, tents are being raised, questgivers are being ushered into position, and the house lights are preparing to dim on a whole new host of boss encounters.  And much like a State Farm commercial, thousands of guilds will enter new instances tonight, and at least three will have a Leroy Jenkins moment.  With the new tier of content, there is going to be a considerable push to focus exclusively on the Firelands raids.  That being said, there are some compelling reasons to continue to focus some time and effort on both regular and heroic Tier 11 content. Read the rest of this entry »


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And Hopefully the Patch Werk(s)!

June 27, 2011 at 1:39 am (Patch Issues)

Well, tomorrow we head through the portal into Firelands … assuming Bliz gets everything up and working.  Some random thoughts for your last-minutes of 4.1 actions:

  • Remember the valor point conversion will take place.  If your new justice point total will be over 4,000 it’s worth it to grab some mats.  If, however, you’re like me and don’t have all the current valor gear, you may want to make sure that the number will be close to 4,000 to maximize your initial buyout.
  • Kiss Thrall good-bye.  After all, you never know when you’ll see him again.  Or, if you’re a dwarf, smack him upside the back of the head for being so inconsiderate as to leave a bloodlust addicted smackhead in charge of the Horde.
  • Don’t panic that your lack all the mats for the initial goodies.  It’s going to be near a month before you can access vendors to buy new recipies.
  • Vendor any green gems you want too now – price nerf is headed your way.  Miner’s better look out too, the market on ore is going to plummet.
  • Drool over the Hunter Tier 12 awsomeness.  Prepare to shed our Murloc/Aquaman clothing!
  • Make a list of those essential addons.  You’re going to need to reload them – hopefully the raiding essentials will be available on Tuesday morning, but probably not.  So keep an eye out for DBM, Decursive, Omen, etc. – and let your guildies know when they’re updated.

Hopefully,  some more throughts tomorrow on guilds, progression, and the now “old” instances.

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