Growling at Tanks

July 26, 2011 at 4:36 pm (5-Mans, Hunter Pets, QQ, Tanks)

A note to the tanks on my battlegroup: It is better to remain silent and have people think you a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. If you’re going to try and instruct a hunter on how to manage his pets, you had better have played a hunter beyond level 25, and actually understand the mechanic in question. Over the weekend, a tank demanded that I turn growl off, as it was taunting the mobs off of him. When I replied that a pet’s growl was not a taunt, the conversation continued:

Names hidden to protect the moronic.

For the record, the pet ability of growl is not a taunt – it merely increases total aggro. It does not reduce the total aggro of the tank in any way – the only effect that appears to do this is misdirect (which removes the total threat generated by misdirect after 30 seconds). Growl has a single-target effect, so only the hunter’s current target is affected. In fact, even with growl, a hunter will a non-tenacity pet will generate far more threat – if you lose aggro to the pet, you’re doing something seriously wrong.

There is a strong case for keeping growl on during a 5 man encounter in the current build. In the event of a dead tank, a pet with threat already can use a quick misdirect to gain the attention of the mob, allowing the healer time to get off a rez spell, or to give enough of a “speed bump” to allow the DPS to finish him off before it turns on them (which happened this weekend). With the aggressive pet stance gone, the pet will attack the hunter’s current target – where the tank should have an aggro head-start. If the hunter is attacking something other than what the tank wanted, it is most likely a marking problem (also happened this weekend).


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Of Call to Arms

May 27, 2011 at 2:49 am (5-Mans, Snark, Tanks)

If I can get through on the phone line, I’m sending this to the Raid Warning rant line:

Of Call to Arms

Of Call to Arms, that is the name;
The latest attempt, to get tanks in the game.
Despite my latest try at e-mail;
The devs don’t understand the idea is fail.
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Rage, Rage Against the Dropping of the Tank

February 16, 2011 at 3:35 am (5-Mans, QQ, Tanks)

If it’s the middle of the week, it must be my rage against the tank day.  Well, not really, but perhaps today.  Monday evening, I experienced my favorite DPS type – the line cutter.  The line cutters are those who quene with a tank, with the full intention of the tank dropping and leaving the group stranded until the next tank comes along.  However, the DPS who haven’t bothered to wait the 35-50 minutes necessary are entitiled to remain.  Had there not been two of them, I would have put the DPS up to a kick vote at first opportunity. 

I find myself wondering if Blizzard is tracking those who drop upon entering an instance.  Perhaps the mere 15 minute debuff isn’t enough.  I’m thinking about subtracting equipment points.  Any other ideas?

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I Feel My Blood Presure Risin…

October 6, 2009 at 3:29 pm (Tanks) ()

Well, I finally managed to level my Death Knight to 80 over the weekend. So. After a quick respect to Frost (something I swore I’d never do), and getting some quick armor upgrades courtesy of our blacksmith, I took off with 2 guildies and a pick-up rogue & mage for Halls of Stone – for my first “real” tanking experience. Now, a note to those who accuse me of easy-sauce – for some strange reason, I hate HoS. To date, my hunter has never competed it, and we took along 2 who had never been in the instance as well.

Well, everything went swimmingly, even the Maiden (who has served as the bane of every group I’ve gone in with). At least, until I was trying to tank multiple mobs on the steps. For all of the vaunted AoE tanking abilities of the Death Knight class, I find that Frost is weakest in that area. I had much better agro generation in Unholy it seems, but it just may be my as yet poor tanking skill and being at the bottom end of the learning curve. My blood pressure was soaring watching them run off, driving me insane trying to stop them from attacking my favorite dwarf. Making matters worse is that the mage disconnected, throwing us into a 4 man right as the battle started. We ended up calling in another DK, and I think a single attacker made it past us, to be downed by the dps.

But hey, I’ve got new shoulder pads! Thanks to Gus, Tor, and Dragon for making it pleasant.

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Echoes of the Weekend 9-28-09

September 28, 2009 at 2:37 pm (Guild Relationships, Tanks)

Tanking is an Art Form
I suppose it could have been worse – we could have been in a Level 80 dungeon. Over the weekend, some of us were doing a little rep grind while helping gain achievements in Outland, and most importantly: practice tactics we need for raids. Yes, we’re 80’s – yes, we’re overgeared (well, we did have one 70 in the group, loaded with epics). However, we were missing on common ingredient – a tank. 2 hunters, 1 mage, 1 priest and we were willing to go. Well, add one druid specced and geared for boomkin/tree, who decided to go as a tank. With minimal tanking gear. And, a serious lack of understanding in the cocept of “biting off more than one can chew.” Making matters worse was his constant overriding of plans being made amongst the dps for crowd control, prefering instead to run behind the corner. Yeah, we all know that trick – but how about this twist. Hunter 1 & 2 drop frost traps, and the mage will sheep on the pull – and the hunters can misdirect the remaining caster to you – around the corner. Then once we down one, we can shoot another free of the trap and tuck him in as well – the idea being is that we only have 1 target at a time to deal with. Am I wrong in thinking that this is what we were looking to work on, so that was the plan – and the tank’s “better ideas” didn’t have a place.
Thankfully, he left and I jumped over to my DK and tanked the other instance – while the dps practiced what they needed to. Sometiems, having the touch of skill in communications and diplomacy allows you to achieve your team goal, and your personal goal too.

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