My Characters

On Undermine:

Rustbeard 85 Dwarf Hunter. <Sword of Azeroth> Rustbeard was my first character created, and my current main. Specced Marksman, and driving others nuts with my slightly unusual talent tree. (I use the same for PvE and PvP – crazy I know.) Secret mount and vanity pet collector. Current Mount Count: 103. Rusty’s pet collection (112).

Blackrune 85 Night Elf Death Knight. Yes, I have been known to recycle names (see below).  Originally planning on speccing this bad boy for pure DPS, he’s now dual specced for 2H Blood and Frost Tank. Once I learn to play him “better”, I plan to be a force not to be reckoned with in the battlegrounds. And besides, a Night Elf Engineer already has a troubled life without ending up not-quite dead.  Look for more on him at Who Needs ShieldsUpdate: Now specced Unholy/Blood, and a member of the <Sword of Azeroth> 25-man raid team.

ShepardBook 85 Human Priest. <Sword of Azeroth> A Holy specced priest (try leveling THAT sometime) that is indeed named after the Firefly character. When asked how a Holy Priest can kill, “Shep” will often reply that he’s “always been fuzzy about kneecaps”.  He’s still working Outlands to find the pet that’s “Still Flying”.

Drak’Tharon contains:

Bullheaded:  68 Tauren Death Knight.  The newest recruit to <Shadow Rising>; Lys, Slice, and a host of others convinced me to roll Horde for a change.  Working on speed leveling this critter, which is more difficult since I haven’t seen these quests from the Horde perspective.

And the following is on the Gorgonnash Server:

Blackrune 85 Human Death Knight. <Prôphecy>  Yes, the original Blackrune, with the intent to have a tank available should the guild need one. And yes, I’m still tanking – a bit poorly, but it’s helping both in the understanding of the role, and in becoming a better DPSer. Currently specced Blood for tanking, I’m also specced into Frost DPS, just to make things interesting.

Other alts on Gorgonnash, in case you see them speeding by:

  • Bigcrawdaddy (yes, it’s actually my nickname)
  • ShepardBook (told you I wasn’t original)
  • Semira


  1. Loronar said,

    Hello there, discovering your blog for the first time. May I make the suggestion of changing your Armory links to the new formatting? Cheers!

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